Get Rid of Belly Fat in Only 7 days with Green Tea and Orange.


The main “culprit” for excess weight is slow metabolism. We offer a solution- recipe for a healthy fruit drink with which you will speed up ‘’lazy’’ bowel and the belly fat will simply melt off.

1 liter of boiling water,
5 green tea bags,
1 orange (grapefruit or lemon)
and a handful of fresh mint.

Leave the tea bags in the boiled water for 3 minutes, then remove the tea bags and leave the tea to cool off. In the meantime, clean the orange (or grapefruit or lemon) and cut it into pieces.
Pour the tea in a big glass bowl and add the cut orange and the handful of mint. Leave the mixture in the fridge overnight so the ingredients fuse. Before consumption, strain and drink three times per day before meals.
The results are noticeable after only 7 days. Moreover, this is a kind of a fruit variant of the well known Sassy water which has also proven to be helpful drink for losing weight.

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