Are you a vibrant woman who wants better sex after menopause?

Did you know that one in four post-menopausal women experiences pain, either before, during and after sexual intercourse? The clinical term is dyspareunia (sexual intercourse pain).
In spite of the frequency of dyspareunia in women over age 50, many are embarrassed to discuss female dryness and intercourse pain, either with each other or with their gynecologist.
It’s time to get over that bashfulness.
Today, mature women everywhere are taking charge of their bodies, discovering relief from dyspareunia — and with it, new-found freedom and sexual pleasure.
The fact is, you can have terrific sex after menopause. You simply need accurate and trustworthy information about how to overcome dyspareunia.
It’s frustrating when the natural lubrication a woman is used to “dries up,” making it so much more difficult to enjoy what can be one of life’s great rewards — sex after 50!
If you’re experiencing intercourse pain, you should seek a doctor who is skilled in vaginal examinations, and one who isn’t afraid to tell you everything you need to know to help you address vaginal dryness.

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