The state of Nigerians have in
recent time deteriorated in terms of the standard of living of the citizens.

This article is cycled around what is perceived as a Conspiracy between
the Government and the Private Sector to make life miserable for Nigerians by intentionally bringing poverty upon them especially the
productive age through a
systematically structured platform to make sure that the youth of this nation never get to see the light of the day.

Unemployment is a global issue and not peculiar to Nigeria alone but the case of Nigeria has become that which is described as ” The bad state of a community is to the benefit of the elites“. The
Government has constantly
Expressed it’s awareness of the steadily increasing state of
unemployment in Nigeria thus
leading to almost all political office holders using statement like ” the
teaming unemployed youth” even though most of them do not know the meaning; but the copy-copy syndrome at work, and even the minister of finance said that the unemployment in Nigeria is giving her sleepless nights ( sure? Who do we ask) and the president have equally made several statements regarding unemployment in Nigeria, but the question is, are they really doing anything about it? NO,
NO and NO, they brought out one lottery program in the name of YOUWIN and another they call SURE- P, ( is this how unemployment is going to be tackled in Nigeria?), the worst of it is that when the president or the minister of finance is been asked about their efforts
towards reducing unemployment, they will quickly refer to YOUWIN!,
but the BIG question is: what is the cause of the increasing
unemployment in Nigeria?.

There are many of them but let me emphasize on three(3) :

(1). Over taxation of the SMEs
(2). Heavy, Heavy, over Heavy
GREED of the private Sectors
(3). The cost of running Nigeria Government.


All over the World SME is what
boosts the economy but here in Nigeria, Government at local and state level have sworn not to give SME breathing space, they impose
multiple and over taxation on the SME’s and introduces several unreasonable levies with steady molestation and harassment by touts and thugs who make lots of
money for them on a daily basis and yet these Governments still complain of lack of funds for development. This over taxation has kept many many SMEs out of business.

(2). HEAVY, HEAVY and EXCESSIVE HEAVY GREED of the private Sectors:

As a matter of fact greed is an understatement here, this is were the Conspiracy and slavery comes in, the Government has been
empowered to regulate the
activities of the private Sector but Nigerian Government have turned blind eyes to the greedy activities of the private Sector, one of which is the free hand given to them to turn
Nigerians into slaves by operating their so called OUTSOURCING/ IN-

There are two types of companies:

These outsource-rs and insource-rs do not create opportunities rather they go about looking for where opportunities have been created to take advantage in the name of supplying labor, and in turn use it as a medium to enrich themselves and impoverishing/ enslaving their
supposed workers. For instance the client pays a hundred thousand naira (#100,000) per worker through these contractors then the contractors pay these workers
twenty thousand naira (#20,000) that is if you are lucky enough to get up to that amount and with a threat of take it or leave the job after all there are a thousand and one persons begging to get the
same job since job security is not there. Before this outsourcing issue was said to be for casual jobs but right now its spreading all through
and one day we might wake up to hear that the office of the president of Nigeria has been outsourced, YES because the people involved in this modern slavery called
OUTSOURCING are powerful that even those who have AN
COMPANIES because of the Heavy progress and success these OUTSOURCE-RS have enjoyed at the expense of the Nigerian workforce.

Researches made shows that other countries of the World are in serious regulation of the outsource-rs to avoid evil deeds but over here in Nigeria they are given all the support they need which has widen
the gap between the rich and the poor because the poor takes nothing home while the rich that home large part of not one, not two but many poor workers salary in the name of OUTSOURCING/ IN-

(3). The cost of running
Government in Nigeria: The primary aim of setting up Government is to help reduce the problem of the subjects but over here in Nigeria,
Government has become our
biggest problem, elect or appoint someone in a position today the next minute he will give the wife one illegal office called office of the first lady, some even go as far as having office of the mother of the governor, all just for the hunger for “POWER” and there are so many other offices that are not supported by the constitution, yet Government
sponsors these offices and their activities and even most of the legal offices in Nigeria have used their position to legalize outrageous pays in the name of ALLOWANCES
yet same people will cry in front of cameras ” OHHH!!! WE NEED TO PROVIDE JOBS FOR THE TEAMING UNEMPLOYED YOUTH” with which fund? If i may ask.

To all Nigerians this article is meant to give a clue to our Government towards reducing unemployment in the nation and saving the lives of it’s citizens from unnecessary
hunger and keeping them out of social vices like Terrorism,
Kidnapping, Arm robbery, Yahoo-yahoo, illegal migration to other countries ( and subsequently ending in jails) and saving Nigerians from this foreseen slavery by the corner but if the Government refuses to take action within the shortest time, maybe Nigerians, just maybe it’s time . Help Spread this message.

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