NIGERIA: Edwin Clark Canvasses Support For Buhari

Edwin Clark, a former federal commissioner of information, has canvassed support for President Muhamadu Buhari.


Chief Edwin Clark

The Punch reports that Clark spoke on June 3, Wednesday, at his residence in Abuja when he received a group known as Probity Ambassadors Organisation of Nigeria.

The Ijaw leader, who was one of the biggest supporters of Goodluck Jonathan, has stressed that the new president is capable of leading the country forward.

Clark admitted that he was among those who campaigned against the emergence of Buhari.

However, he added that since Nigerians voted for the incumbent president, he must be supported. He also noted that the way Jonathan conceded his defeat had also made the task of running the country easier for Buhari.

I have congratulated President Buhari and today, he is our president. He’s not the president of a section of the country. Buhari is fit for the job and he’s capable of leading us. We will support him.

“Campaigns are over and a winner has emerged. We must come together after the election and give our support to the president.

“The loser of the election, who had all the powers to do and undo, came out to congratulate the president.

That action of the former president is the best thing that has happened in this country,” he noted.

Clark called on Nigerians to learn from the attitude exhibited by the people of the United Kingdom, who, according to him, had forgotten about their last election, held in May. He added that members of both the Conservatives and the Labour Party have been living together in peace after the elctions.

Commenting on his decision to speak in support of Buhari, an elder statesman explained:

Those who think I would die because of the outcome of election are missing it. Why should I die? I’m a Nigerian.

“I will support whoever wins. My advice to the president and the All Progressives Congress is that they should have regard for the country and work with all.

“The issue of winner takes all is not in our interest. People are bound to vote for or against you. Those who voted for you believed in you and those who voted for another person believed in another person.

It would be recalled that shortly after the presidential elections, Clark stated that Muhammadu Buhari had his full backing the same way he supported the late president, Alhaji Umaru Yar’adua.

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