SECURITY CHALLENGES: Implication on African Economic Development and Integration


This article examines the prevailing situation of insecurity in Africa. The phenomenal rise in shameful or deplorable action or state of affairs generated much concern to scholars and policy makers. Findings show that the state of insecurity in Africa has been identified as an obstacle to economic development and integration of the continent. After over 50 years of independence, implementation of developmental policy has been elusive, considering the state of insecurity currently experienced in the continent. These significantly affect the economies of African Countries and possess the capacity of undermining and fueling insecurity across the globe. While the decline of development is not notably dropped, integration among African countries has descended. The article also examined the probable underpinning reasons causing Africa as an underdeveloped continent. With many reasons, it is noted that insecurity is not supporting the economic development and integration of Africa. With narration, this article proposes a policy change towards security challenges. The paper recommends the philosophy of Balance Scorecard, aimed at improving the prevailing security situation experience in Africa. It is therefore no doubt that economic development can only thrive in an atmosphere of peace.

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