Tips On How To Increase User Loyalty With Google Analytics

Its key to understand how engaged your users are and how they interact with your site. Understanding users activities on your site, the following tips will help you use Analytics to visualise user interactions on your site, and understand why engagement and loyalty metrics matters;

  1. Use In-page Analytics to see how your users are interacting with your site.


In-Page Analytics provides click through data in the context of your actual site, and is a highly effective tool to let you make a visual assessment of how users interact with your web pages.

You can answer questions like Are my users seeing the content I want them to see? or Are my users finding what they are looking for on the page? This feature also helps you determine the best location to place your ad units. You can access your In-Page Analytics through the Behaviour section on the Reporting tab.

  1. Use Real Time reports to track user activity in real time.


Real-Time reports allow you to monitor visitor activity as it happens on your site. They help you understand how your systems are reacting, such as when you send out an email campaign or engage in marketing that is temporary in nature. Real-Time reports provide alerting, giving insight into things that are new or different such as a sudden increase in site traffic.

Additionally, you can use them to measure the immediate impact of social media.

  1. Increase engagement and loyalty on your site.


Google Analytics provides you with behavioural reports that illustrate the engagement and loyalty aspects of your visitors behaviour. The frequency report lets you see the level of user interest in your site based on frequency of visits and length of time between visits.

If visitors come once but don’t return, you might infer that your site content and design are not sufficiently engaging or not easy to navigate. Some additional relevant reports such as New vs Returning and Engagement are available under the Audience section on the Reporting tab. For more detailed information about how site visitors interact with each page, we suggest you use the event tracking method that Google Analytics evangelist Justin Cutroni shared on his blog to get an accurate measurement of which articles are actually read.

A custom Engagement & Monetisation Dashboard has been created by Google for your download. Once downloaded, just select which profile you did like to import.

You can access this dashboard any time by clicking Dashboards under the Reporting tab in your Analytics account. As a reminder, once you have linked your AdSense account with Analytics, dont forget to opt into Account specialist data sharing setting and the customised help and performance suggestion emails in your AdSense email preferences.

Source: Google Analytics.

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