What Has Kylie Jenner Done To Her Face Now?


Kylie’s latest look takes doll-face to the next level. Doll-like, doe-eyed lashes we can handle but Kylie’s latest look, posted by her LA make-up artist, Hrush Achemyan, has got us asking all sorts of questions about her face…

First off, there’s that flawless base. Hrush is adamant it’s not down to a fancy Instagram filter, but come on? That matte suede effect can’t be real can it – not a pore, freckle or expression line in sight?

According to Hrush, Kylie’s ironed out complexion is down to Mehron’s Celebre Pro foundation (yes they do ship it internationally!). Dab hands in theatre make-up, it explains why this creamy formula looks amazing under scrutiny. Continue reading What Has Kylie Jenner Done To Her Face Now?