What Has Kylie Jenner Done To Her Face Now?


Kylie’s latest look takes doll-face to the next level. Doll-like, doe-eyed lashes we can handle but Kylie’s latest look, posted by her LA make-up artist, Hrush Achemyan, has got us asking all sorts of questions about her face…

First off, there’s that flawless base. Hrush is adamant it’s not down to a fancy Instagram filter, but come on? That matte suede effect can’t be real can it – not a pore, freckle or expression line in sight?

According to Hrush, Kylie’s ironed out complexion is down to Mehron’s Celebre Pro foundation (yes they do ship it internationally!). Dab hands in theatre make-up, it explains why this creamy formula looks amazing under scrutiny.
FYI, Kendall’s all over this one too, she’s been using it to strobe her skin left, right and centre.


How to get Kylie’s Barbieblush
But you can’t create that skin with foundation alone. Plus it wouldn’t be a genuine Kardashian look without some contouring, step up Anastasia Beverley Hills’ highlighter.

Hrush didn’t say which one she used to give Kylie’s face that spotlit effect down her nose and chin but we would put our money on the countour kit that would buff beautifully over the top of Mehron’s velvety foundation.

Obviously raiding her sister’s make-up bag, not only has Kylie been using the same foundation as her sibling, it appears she’s been stealing all of Kendall’s Estee Lauder beauty booty since she was announced as the face of the brand.

Kylie’s naturally flushed cheeks are down to a dusting of the Pure Color Blush in Lovers Blush while her oyster pink eyes have been created with Lauder’s new Double-Wear Stay in Place Eye Pencil and a blend of natural rose and champagne shades from
Tarte Cosmetics’ Tartelette palette. No need for black kohl with those lashes!


Doll-like eyes here we come!
Unfortunately you can’t get your mitts on Kylie’s mega false lashes in the UK – they come courtesy of Huda Beauty, a cult brand in the US and middle east. The good news is we’ve found Make-up Forever’s Fashion Lashes are ace at giving a similar Barbie-esque flutter.

Finishing Kylie’s look with the matte effect. Gerard Cosmetics Serenity Liquid lipstick, Hrush ensured the Jenners’ pout remains as plump as possible.

All in all, we’re labelling Kylie’s doll-like get-up Marmite make-up. It might be her lack of expression or the perfect symmetry Hrush has created but we can’t decide if we love it or we hate it! Thoughts please…

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