Godphraim Beauty Team’s Top Tips: How To Apply Fake Tan


There’s more to perfecting the perfect, bronzed complection than you might think and we’ve got the 101.

With spring well on its way (yes, we may have unsuccessfully tried to sit outside a pub garden this weekend) – we feel in need of a healthy tanned glow in order to bare our legs and get out our spring wardrobe.

So, with thoughts of fake tan in mind, we have put together our top tips so that you can go from pasty to bronzed goddess. Happy tanning!

a. Exfoliate
Preparation for tanning should begin 24 hours in advance. Prep your skin by waxing where necessary and exfoliating. We love Balance Me’s Super Toning Body Polish, £18, it’s gentle but it does the job – plus it smells delicious. You’ll jump out the shower feeling ready to hit the beach.


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The Wash On SPF That’s Changed Our Lives


Suncare you can do with your eyes closed – literally.

First St Tropez launched it’s in-shower fake tan and now we’ve found a wash-on SPF.

Yes, water is the new beauty activator and it’s making sun protection even easier – great news when we know it’s still a skincare step so many of you skip on, even though it’s the best anti-ager there is!

FYI – 80% of premature ageing is down to sun exposure. UV rays break down collagen like nothing else and if you don’t have a healthy collagen supply, that spongy youthful-looking complexion you’re rocking right now will be on a serious time limit.

And who wants to have to deal with the early onslaught of sagging and wrinkles…exactly!


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