The Wash On SPF That’s Changed Our Lives


Suncare you can do with your eyes closed – literally.

First St Tropez launched it’s in-shower fake tan and now we’ve found a wash-on SPF.

Yes, water is the new beauty activator and it’s making sun protection even easier – great news when we know it’s still a skincare step so many of you skip on, even though it’s the best anti-ager there is!

FYI – 80% of premature ageing is down to sun exposure. UV rays break down collagen like nothing else and if you don’t have a healthy collagen supply, that spongy youthful-looking complexion you’re rocking right now will be on a serious time limit.

And who wants to have to deal with the early onslaught of sagging and wrinkles…exactly!


Even model Gigi Hadid needs a helping of SPF protection.
Not that you need to worry about that anymore. Upgrade your morning face washing routine with this Sun Protective Day Cleanser that gives your skin an impressive SPF30 shield and you’re guaranteed babysoft, dewy skin that rivals model, Gigi Hadid, any day of the week.

OK, we can’t promise that last bit but we live in hope! All you need to do is dampen your skin, apply the product, wait for it to foam and then wash it off as you would a normal cleanser.

That’s all the time it needs for the SPF to latch onto your skin and form a protective layer against those skin ageing UVA and UVB rays.

Plus it still has the power to de-clog pores and sweep away any sweat, dirt and debris your dermis has picked up overnight.

Use it every morning (you can still use your favourite make-up melting cleanser in the evening before bed when SPF protection isn’t essential), and you’ve sorted your daily SPF without even thinking about it.

The only thing we would say is that if you’re off on your hols, you still need to whack on a dedicated sun cream.

When it comes to potential wrinkle risk, it’s better to be safe than sorry.

Wash-on beauty products are the way forward!

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