This Is Why Millie Mackintosh’s Fake Tan Always Looks So Good


Discover the beauty tool that’s going to give you the best fake tan, EVER!

We’d say we’re pretty well trained in getting our fake tans looking even and patch-free (we’ve had enough practise!), but no matter how hard we try, it’s our backs that always throw up beauty issues. Under arm angles, haphazard fake tan spray swerving and arms that don’t reach where we want them to means streaky shoulders and blotchy backs are a high risk factor.

That was until PHD’s misting products cropped up on our fake tan radar! As well as a dreamy no-streak formula that’s colourless and infused with coconut oil to keep skin nourished and eliminate patchiness, instead of your standard nozzle spray, it has a nifty arm attachment that can be bent into various angles so you can spray your tan on effortlessly. Under your arms, over your shoulder, behind your head – the possibilities are endless. Just hold it 10 to 12 inches away from you and start your misting.
Just like other tans, leave it on for up to eight hours (which is why we always do ours before bed) and then by morning you’ll be able to rock a backless ensemble, no sweat.

Your golden glow will be flawless.



Millie Mackintosh reveals PHD is her go-to tan!

It’s not just us waxing lyrical about this genius addition to the fake tan world, Millie Mackingtosh has been Insta-ing her love of the magic wand style sunless tanner too.

Claiming she now ‘never misses a spot’, we now know how she keeps her glow going long after a Spanish sunshine blitz in Ibiza or Marbs!

As well as fake tan, PHD also include their wonder nozzles on their Never Miss A Spot Suncream so you don’t run the risk of red patches or sunburn when you’re on your jollidays.

Godphraim, always on top of fashion and style…..

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