The Wonder Product That Will Make You Forget About Foundation


Could ‘Make-Up Drops’ Be Better Than Foundation? Kim Kardashian’s Make-Up Artist Think So…..

Everyone is talking about Cover FX’s Custom Cover Drops, £36. And last night Kim Kardashian’s go-to Make Up Artist, Mario Dedivanovic , joined the convo and gave the much-hyped product his seal of approval.


Mario showed his love for the new product on instagram Continue reading The Wonder Product That Will Make You Forget About Foundation

How To Tattoo Your Talons: Nail Art Made Easy


Follow our three easy steps for festival-ready nails in minutes.

The inspiration backstage at Giamba AW15? “What would Cara D do“?

Mini icons were scrawled across models hands, faces and nails. While the face thing hasn’t caught on (yet), tattoos are the hottest thing in nail art right now and the technique is surprisingly easy… Just watch and learn with our how-to.

Choose your favourite nail icons in either stark black or cool metallics. We used Bourjois but also check out nail tats from Nails Inc and Daisy Knights. Continue reading How To Tattoo Your Talons: Nail Art Made Easy

Business Tips: Minimising Conflict In The Workplace

The workplace can be a very emotional place. When there are competitive, professional, driven people, all focused on being noticed, performing well, achieving, and effectively competing with one another for results and attention, there are bound to be animosities and incidents between co-workers.

Add to the mix that some managers seem to feel that “management by conflict” i.e. pitting colleagues against each other, is the way to get the best performance from their team , and it’s no wonder that relations at work are not always happy and trouble free.

Then we need to consider different characters, those who have a need to lead and those who prefer to follow, people who respond differently in situations of stress.

So an effective manager needs to be able to see, discuss and resolve difficult interactions in the workplace.

These may be between employees, colleagues, managers and employees, or customers and suppliers.
The effective manager needs tools and techniques to help them notice conflicts developing, decide which situations are worth resolving, determine the source of a problem, discuss the emotions that difficult interactions can raise, seek and implement a resolution, and overcome potential barriers to action to resolve conflict.

Managers are often confronted with inappropriate and challenging behaviour, which demands a response from them. We will define inappropriate behaviour and develop skills to enable the manager to respond in a way which reduces the risk of further conflict.

Steps an employer can take.

There are some steps an employer can take to ensure disputes and conflicts are minimised, and to enable them to be dealt with when they do.

They include;- Continue reading Business Tips: Minimising Conflict In The Workplace