Stella Maxwell On Workouts, Instagram and Underwear


Stella Maxwell is the model everyone’s talking about. We caught up with the newest Victoria’s Secret recruit to find out exactly what it’s like to be an Angel…..

Stella Maxwell is hot property right now. Named as one of Victoria’s Secret’s ten new Angels earlier this year, the world has gone crazy for her blue-eyed charm. Classed as the only British Angel thanks to Northern Irish parents, Stella has made headlines as Miley Cyrus’s girlfriend in the past few months, recently posing with her in a shoot for W magazine.


The 10 new Angels, including Stella (far right) pose for the cameras.
Currently in London to celebrate the new Body by Victoria collection, we caught up with Stella to talk bras, workouts and Instagram followers- all before breakfast.
Arriving at Victoria’s Secret HQ on Bond Street in London, we settled into what might be the world’s comfiest sofa for our chat with the supermodel, to discover exactly what it’s like to be welcomed into the Angel family….

Congratulations on your new Angel status! What would you say is the best thing about being an angel?

So far, I mean it’s just such a privilege to be named. It’s just a big thing to tick off in your career and in general. For a model, it’s a big deal, so I think just getting recognized for all the work that you do is just nice.

Did you always have it as an aspiration when you were starting out as a model?

I think every girl does, yeah, I think the ten of us just feel so privileged!

In terms of the new Body by Victoria collection, do you have a favourite piece?

I really like all the lace- I’m quite into lace. It’s perfect because it fits your body and smooths out under a t-shirt so you can’t see it so I love that.

I’m quite simple but I do like a little sexy thing underneath but not necessarily that visible. That’s why these bras are perfect.

The shows are obviously always incredible every year. Do you get nervous beforehand?

I think every girl gets a little nervous but I think it’s all good nerves. It kind of gives you that little extra skip in your step.

Is there anything you do or any way you prepare for the catwalk to make yourself feel more confident?

I mean, you know I practice in the heels, I make sure I’m comfortable in the outfit. But the outfits are all so amazing so I think you can’t help but feel amazing.

Yeah, you must just put those wings on and you’re ready to go.

Exactly, and they know exactly how to make you feel comfortable.

What would be your top workout tip? Is there one particular thing you enjoy doing?

I think for starters a good healthy diet, I think that helps and then I like to do a lot of outdoor activities. If I’m in California or even New York I like to walk outside and get some fresh air and not be stuck in a gym necessarily every time. I like to just get out and see and learn… and you know, I think that’s all part of a healthy lifestyle.

You’ve got such a huge Instagram following already- is it something that’s important to you? Do you like your fans to be able to see into your life in that way?

I personally really enjoy Instagram. I think it’s really a lot of fun and you can show people a little peep into your personal life. I think everyone likes to feel that they can get to know you somehow and I think that’s their outlet to do that. I know I do it to people, I’m sure they do it to me. It’s a nice way to show a little personality.


Stella and Miley have been dating for the past few months
Do you think that’s quite important for models now?

Yeah I think personality is a big key to any successful model these days. Especially with brands that choose you out of other girls to represent them, a lot of that is to do with personality so I think the diversity, and to show that through social media- I think a lot of people can pick up on that which is exciting.

Who’s your favourite person to follow on Instagram? Ooh to follow? I follow a lot of different people. Maybe some brands. I follow Jeremy Scott, he’s my good friend so I like to see all of his posts. And obviously Victoria’s Secret. What’s been your biggest ‘pinch me’ moment? Has there been anything that just felt unreal at the time?

A big moment for me recently was in Rome when I got to shoot the [Victoria’s Secret] commercial with the other girls. Um, that was just…

Victoria’s Secret just went above everything I’ve seen and it was just an amazing set, an amazing day. Everyone was so nice to work with. All the girls were so happy, and I think the footage is going to be amazing because I think Michael Bay did a great job.

We were in the middle of Rome on one of the hottest days and you know, it was fake snowing on set, and it was pretty magical.


Stella (L) and her fellow Angels pose behind the scenes of the new commercial, directed by Michael Bay

What was it like to work with Michael?

He’s a pleasure to work with, it’s been really fun. There’s always fire or snow or surreal moments where you think this man is a magician.

We can’t wait to see it! So finally, if you could tell us something about being an Angel that people might not expect, what would it be?

Ummm… I mean you can’t get enough underwear! I never run out of underwear, let’s just say that. I have an endless supply of Victoria’s Secret underwear! I nearly never have to buy a new pair.

That is the dream…
It is! It’s amazing, just a new pair of underwear every day!

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