5 Ways Your Phone is Ruining Your Beauty Routine


We are all phone obsessed, but you might think twice about using your mobile after this…..

Oh Technology, we live in a world where we’re more likely to know what our neighbor had for dinner (via Instagram), than what’s happening in our own living room.

As a nation, we are hooked, sorry, surgically attached to our phones. I mean, could you even imagine how your day would pan out if you were to leave it at home?

Catastrophic! All that free time, what on earth would we do with it!

And even though we’ve all heard of the health problems associated with being married to a mobile, what I bet you hadn’t considered is the detrimental effects it can have on your skin. After reading this, maybe you’ll think twice before reaching for your mob…..

How many times do your hands come into contact with bacteria and germs throughout the day? Continue reading 5 Ways Your Phone is Ruining Your Beauty Routine