Kylie Jenner Announces Her New Lip Range


Now we can all have a killer pout…..

Kylie Jenner’s lips have become as famous as her. And now, it seems that the young star will be the face of her very own lip line.
After the rumour that she’s leaving her family’s reality show Keeping Up With The Kardashians, it was only a matter of time before a new venture would be announced – and we can’t think of anything more perfect.


After all, don’t we all lust after a Kylie Jenner pout?

It’s so sought after, in fact, that girls the world over are trying everything to create the same effect. KJ’s lips sparked the #KylieJennerLipChallenge craze we all remember, have been the reason behind a burst in lip tattooing and are also the muse for a series of plumping products. Continue reading Kylie Jenner Announces Her New Lip Range

Multimasking: The Beauty Trend To Get Better Skin


The new and most effective way to sort out your skin!

Suffer from an oily T-Zone? Sensitive and tired eyes? Dry skin around your mouth? All of the above?

Nobody’s skin is the same all over and It’s very common to have a combination of different skin issues, so it seems sensible to treat each separate area differently. And it seems the current motto for any dedicated beauty lovers is: Why use one face mask when you can use three? or four? or even five?

There’s a name for this ingenious, but also slightly obvious concept-multimasking.
Multimasking has, of course, risen out of the Instagram waters in recent months, and has fast become a hash tag and selfie sensation for the beauty know.

Although the skincare trend has been storming social media in the last couple of months, It seems, however, lots of people owe their perfect skin to this technique and have been doing this for years.


Mix and match your masks for the ultimate skin saving treatment! Continue reading Multimasking: The Beauty Trend To Get Better Skin

Developing Your Management And Business Skills: Leading Virtual Teams

Leading and managing a virtual team presents its own challenges, as team members usually don’t meet face to face, but interact remotely with their manager or leader.

It is becoming more common for some team members to work remotely. It has been estimated that around 70% of managers have responsibility for a virtual team member, and this will only increase as technology advances.

This means that an understanding and appreciation of the issues affecting virtual teams, and the particular skills required to manage a high performing virtual team, is now a “must – have” management skill.

Why are virtual teams important?

There are several reasons why virtual teams exist .We usually think of homeworkers first and foremost but in today’s world there are many reasons for virtual teams.

The team may be spread nationally or internationally, with members covering a specific geographical area. Or they may be attached to different teams, and are seconded to a virtual team for a specific project. Perhaps they work in different time zones, or cover different shifts.

Use of portable devices has caused an explosion in the development of virtual teams. There are new economic pressures on companies to deliver globally and cost effectively. In many countries, legislation to allow staff to request flexible working has come into force.

The team leader has to work using technology to overcome the issues of time, distance, culture, and other pressures.

Their objective is to integrate the team and optimise performance. Continue reading Developing Your Management And Business Skills: Leading Virtual Teams