Kylie Jenner Announces Her New Lip Range


Now we can all have a killer pout…..

Kylie Jenner’s lips have become as famous as her. And now, it seems that the young star will be the face of her very own lip line.
After the rumour that she’s leaving her family’s reality show Keeping Up With The Kardashians, it was only a matter of time before a new venture would be announced – and we can’t think of anything more perfect.


After all, don’t we all lust after a Kylie Jenner pout?

It’s so sought after, in fact, that girls the world over are trying everything to create the same effect. KJ’s lips sparked the #KylieJennerLipChallenge craze we all remember, have been the reason behind a burst in lip tattooing and are also the muse for a series of plumping products.
Kylie finally ‘fessed up to having a little help in that department, coming clean about having lip injections. But the 18-year-old star is also a notorious lover of beauty products – a girl after our own heart.


Taking to Instagram to tease the news to her 33.1 million followers, the make-up mogul posted a suitably pouty photograph with the caption: “Brown lips #KylieLipKit stay tuned”
According to E! news, this new Kylie Lip Kit will be released sometime in spring. Everything else is being kept pretty under wraps, although the teen does keep talking about a new website that’s coming soon, so perhaps Kylie herself will release some more details nearer the time.


We do know that Kylie is a big fan of nudes and chocolate brown tones, with her signature lip liner being MAC Cosmetic’s Spice, so we expect to see a lot of these included. Kylie also loves to experiment with her make-up, so perhaps there’ll be some bright sping-time colour pops too.

What we do know, is we’ll be first in line to get our hands on it.

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