Develop Your Management And Business Skills: Leading Virtual Teams Part 2

In a traditional setting, managers can communicate and team build informally by chatting to staff they encounter during the day, at their desks, before and after meetings, in the staff restaurant.

They can observe their staffs’ habits, skills, strengths and weaknesses. They can engage with them socially after hours, and organise team building events. They can spend a few minutes asking about their family, weekend, holiday plans.

Traditional managers can ignore technical tools such as email and video conferencing and manage in the traditional way, preparing hard copy hand-outs for meetings, inviting people to meetings on the day as they consider the agenda.

Management style

A virtual manager can’t use chance encounters to develop relationships with their staff. They must be much more tech savvy and more organised. They can’t call a meeting on the day, as staff will probably be out and about, dealing with business. They need to plan and schedule “meetings “or contacts in advance, develop and disclose meeting agenda, and email out briefing information in advance.

So the virtual manager must be better at planning and organising their own time, and that of their team members. They must be tech savvy.

Effective Team Building

A traditional manager can build the team by developing personal relationships with each member. They can organise meetings with a social slant, say over lunch or in a restaurant. They can organise social events and get togethers, even including partners and family on occasion. Continue reading Develop Your Management And Business Skills: Leading Virtual Teams Part 2