Hair Wraps Are Back: The Unlikely Trend We’re Loving


Remember those colourful wraps you’d go crazy for as a kid? Well Bleach London are bringing them back.

Hands up, who remembers hair wraps?! Yep those, colourful hair braids were the highlight of every holiday when we were growing up, and now they’re back!

Bleach London, one of our favourite salons (and the masterminds behind pastel hair) were championing the quirky trend at their pop-up braid shop at FYF Festival in LA this weekend.

We saw them set up shop at the music festival and upload countless quirky-cool hair wraps to their instagram feed.


They showcased some serious hair wrap game, from multi-coloured strands to metal-wrapped braids and even jewellery-adorned wraps.

We’ve come a long way from those two-tone tapestry strands we used to rock back in the 90s.


So what do you think? Would you give hair wraps a go?

Here at LOOK HQ we’re voting yes, the trend has officially got our inner child feeling seriously giddy, and we can’t wait to embrace rainbow-tinted wraps.

If you need a little more hair-spiration, make sure you check out our round up of the best celebrity dip-dyes and our favourite no-heat hairstyles.


Godphraim in Look Edit…..

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