This Is How To Build Your Confidence Levels


Not only will it make you happier, but it could improve your health…

It’s not always easy to build confidence. But there’s a very important reason why you should.

Well. Aside from the fact that you’re a totally fabulous lady, obviously.

There are actually health risks associated with a lack of self esteem, including the chance of developing skin cancer. Yep. We said this was important…..

According to research in the journal Health Psychology , disliking your appearance can make you more vulnerable to the disease.

Scientists worked this out by selecting men and women from an American health study who’d all reported a history of sunburn and a low likelihood of using suncream. Both of these are linked to an increased risk of skin cancer.

They then asked the participants how much time they spend outdoors in the summer, as well as how attractive they consider themselves to be. Those who gave their looks the lowest ratings tended to spend the most hours in the sun.

While the researchers didn’t assess how much of that time was used sunbathing, it’s suggested that these people may be keen to tan because they think it improves their looks.

This is because people who are unhappy with their appearance are more likely to have a ‘low regard for keeping their bodies safe and healthy‘.

We think this is pretty blimmim’ sad – and we really don’t want any of you to feel this way. So here are our top tips for boosting your self confidence…..

Write down everything you love about yourself…..


Don’t worry if your list isn’t long to begin with, it’s all about quality over quantity. There are no limitations. You could note down anything from your favourite freckle to the thoughtful birthday presents you buy your friends.
Consider how you’d feel if you LOST these attributes. Makes a tan seem pretty irrelevant, huh?
Stay away from negativity…..


Think hard. Is it your friends who are bringing you down?

We’ve all got those ‘jellyfish’ pals. Y’know, the ones who pretend to be super-kind while secretly making cutting put-downs.

These people are never going to make you feel great about yourself, so it may be time to give them a little space.

Spend a day pampering yourself


It doesn’t matter how you feel your best, just make sure you take time out to give yourself a boost.

You deserve to feel special, whether that means mastering an eye make-up trick or soaking in a hot bath.

Be kind


It shines through. Honestly.

Feel good in your clothes


If you’re not a fan of what’s in your wardrobe, it may be time to have a clear-out.

Make sure you’re wearing clothes that suit your figure. Would Kim Kardashian and Kendall Jenner swap dresses?
Probably not, because their physiques are totally different. Feeling happy in your outfit will give you more confidence as you go about your day.

Change your body language


It may sound simple, but sitting up straight and talking clearly can give you a real air of importance.

Smiling can also make you feel much happier. Even if you’re not in the mood, fake it. You’ll immediately see the reactions of people around you change.

Having others respond positively to you is a great way to boost self esteem. The same goes for making eye contact.

Building self confidence will take time, but we hope these simple tricks will help give you the start you need.


Godphraim on top of fashion and style…..

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