See The Harry Potter Lipstick That’s Got Fans Going Crazy


YES. You totally read that right. We fancy ourselves a little bit of Sirius for the Autumn….

Years after the Harry Potter series was all wrapped up (our hearts still break a little to think about it), we welcome any tiny fragment of new HP goodness that can come our way.


So when we heard through the grapevine of the internet that a Harry Potter themed range of sumptuous lipsticks was available, thanks to LA Splash Cosmetics , our inner Pygmy Puffs rejoiced.


Instagram: @ kristynkibler

And just LOOK at the colours. Swoon.

Each velvety shade has been named after a beloved Harry Potter character or a Hogwarts House.

It hasn’t taken long for these beauties to Floo Powder their way onto Instagram feeds everywhere, and the liquid lipstick sure does create a suitably magical effect on the lips.


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The Oxford Dictionary Adds ‘Manspreading’, ‘Bants’ And ‘Mx’


The Oxford Dictionary adds 1000 new words to its lexicon…..

The Oxford Dictionary has just made some epic additions to its word list. Manspreading, anyone?
‘Manspreading’, ‘awesomesauce’, ‘hangry’, ‘bruh’, ‘bants’, beer o’clock’ and ‘butt dial’ are all amongst the 1000 new words and phrases that have been added to online Oxford Dictionaries.
‘Fat-shame’ is also in there, along with ‘rando’, ‘cat cafe’ and the one we’ll no doubt enjoying using most, ‘wine ‘o clock.’


Manspreading’ is one of the words added to reflect changing social norms

The editors brought about the changes to reflect the constantly evolving cultural, social and political norms, with new words added quarterly.
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