Breaking: Is This The End Of Twitter’s 140 Character Limit?


The social media platform might be making a major change…..

Twitter might be about to make amajor change. We’ve all grown used to that 140 character limit by now. Because a part of being a whizz on Twitter is about condensing those insightful thoughts/hilarious LOLS down into 140 precious characters.

But this might all be about to change. Because according to Re/Code , Twitter is working on a project that means those character constraints may be totally lifted, meaning you can tweet longer chunks of text.


It’s being penned the ‘140 Plus’ project, and apparently, the idea has been kicking around Twitter HQ for years. It’s just that previously, not everyone’s been on board.
‘People have been very precious at Twitter about what Twitter can be and how much it can be evolved,’ a source said, adding that in the past, the idea’s been shot down numerous times.

But with new interim CEO Jack Dorsey now in place, the lift of the 140 character limit looks more possible than ever. ‘Having Jack come in and say it’s okay makes all the difference in the world’, the source added.


Twitter has already lifted the 140 character limit off its direct messages – will our tweets be next?

We can’t even imagine what that Twitterscape would look like if it was full of essays and long rants. And it seems the public agree.


‘Without the 140 character limit, Twitter becomes a 2nd Facebook. And guess what I don’t need?’, one disgruntled user tweeted.

But others took the news more lightly, dropping a few jokes about the new initiative.
‘I hear Twitter is considering increasing the character limit to above 140. This is a terrible idea for many reason! First, and most importa’, one witty lady wrote to highlight the current constraints.


‘Twitter might remove the 140 character limit so i’m putting some 800 word tweets with character development & plot twists in my drafts’, tweeted another guy who is clearly planning on tweeting out his finest work if the limits are lifted.

What do you think of the proposal? Will Twitter ever be the same again? Let us know below…

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Warning: This Everyday Tea Could Give You Hepatitis


What happened to this girl after drinking loads of green tea is quite shocking…

Who doesn’t love a hot drink? Or three? We need at least one cup of coffee in the morning to start off our day.

But one girl has discovered, in the most extreme way, that one hot drink in particular can be very bad for your health.

The Mail has reported on the story of one 16-year-old girl whose green tea habit caused her to be hospitalised with hepatitis.



The young girl was experiencing dizziness, nausea, stomach and joint pains, and after a series of trips to seek medical attention, it became apparent that she was suffering with severe inflammation of the liver.

After questioning, the teenager admitted to ordering a Chinese green tea online, which she had been drinking in excess, as part of a personal campaign to lose weight.

The doctors originally believed that she was suffering with a urine infection, but after anitbiotics didn’t soothe her symptoms, and she had slowly started to turn yellow due to jaundice, they quickly realised that it was hepatitis.

She was immediately warned to stop drinking the green tea and after treatment her liver, thankfully, went down.

This all seems pretty scary, right?

But, what does this actually mean for green tea drinkers?
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Creating Momentum Vs. Building Momentum

Venture capital is all about placing bets on the future. It requires looking for companies that will fulfill tomorrow’s needs, create new markets, and change the way we live.
There are two different ways to predict the future of business. The first is to explore current trends and their adjacent possibilities. And the second is to start from a vision of how the world could be and work backwards to discover what is needed in order to get there.

Both have merits, and there are successful venture capitalists that approach investing in each of the respective ways.

At Collaborative Fund, we’ve been challenging ourselves and our companies to feel unburdened by current limitations so that the ambition of their desired outcomes is exponentially increased. One exercise I use frequently is challenging a project lead to use a magic wand and dream up the circumstances that will mark the project’s success. This allows that person to set ambitious goals and then work backwards to determine what steps would be required to achieve them. It does not consider present obstacles – only the vision of an outcome that exists wholly separate from a current reality.

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Managing The Business – Product And Business Life Cycles

Almost everything in life follows a life cycle as it grows, achieves maturity and then dies.

This is true of products, which have a product life cycle, and of businesses which have a business life cycle.

The Product life cycle is the series of events that sees a new product come into existence, and follows its growth into a mature product, potential expansion, critical mass and eventual decline.

The stages of any life cycle are usually;-






This applies to both products and to businesses .The implication of this for business is that there has to be continual development of new products for a business to remain strong. And there have to be new developments in the business itself to prevent its own decline.

It is important then for business people to be aware of the existence of the life cycle, and to know and understand at what stage in the cycle a product or business is at.

To use an analogy, the same behaviours, tools and techniques are not applicable to looking after a young child as would be used when dealing with a mature adult, and different behaviours are used when looking after an old, infirm person.

In the same way, a business and a product need to be handled appropriately at various points in their life cycle,

In the case of a product, a product manager can take action to extend the life of the product.

In the case of a business, a new business development manager can take action to extend the life of the business.

This may involve looking for new products, or markets, or be achieved by mergers and acquisitions.

Product life cycle

These are typical activities in a product life cycle;-

Product Development.

May include concept, product design, testing, market research, focus groups, and market plan. There may be redevelopment due to feedback from market research or focus groups, which will be followed by retesting.

Market Launch

Release of the product, often accompanied by high levels of promotion and advertising.


Sales growth ideally accelerates. Factors such as production levels, gross and net margins, flexibility on selling prices will vary according to competition and the type of product .Costs may decline as production increases, margins may also decline.


Other colours, flavours or sizes may be added to the product line, or the product may be developed by the addition of new lines, such as accessories. If successful, this is where the life cycle of the product can be expanded by the product manager, who can produce a range of products based on a successful product.


The product will reach the peak of its cycle, as product managers are unable to extend it further. It may remain at this point for some time, or may decline sharply.

The reason for, and speed of decline will depend on the product. It may be the technology is out of date, or the product is overtaken by new products.


The Product has reached or passed its point of highest demand. It may remain steady at a reduced level, or decline further, until it is obsolete.
Product Management
The product managers role is to “own “the product, they will create and optimise the life of the product. Product Management is defined differently in nearly every company because is the role is quite wide ranging. Different product types, industry sectors, and company needs define the job responsibilities.

There may also be other roles and titles that overlap or are included in the Product Manager’s role. One of these is Product Marketing.  In larger companies, both Product Management and Product Marketing roles will exist, one to create the product and the other to help sell it. In smaller companies, the Product Manager may perform both activities, or there may be a marketing department that covers all activities.

In a small company the business owner or manager will usually fulfil the role of product manager or champion, taking the product to market themselves.

Role of the Product Manager in the life cycle

The Product Manager may intervene in the life cycle at a number of points, to alter its natural trajectory.

Prior to launch, they may alter the product specification in response to poor test marketing.

Once launched, if a product does not produce early sales growth, it may be withdrawn from the market, revamped and launched.

During the growth cycle, adjustments can be made to marketing plans, packaging, distribution, advertising, pricing.

In the latter stages of the cycle the product manager will make the decision to continue to promote a mature or declining product, perhaps by refreshing it , and whether it is more economical to withdraw the product, retire or replace it.


In the case of a successful product the offer can be expanded in a number of ways, by adding sizes and colours for clothing, flavours for foodstuffs. Or there may be a complete range expansion.

Range Expansion

A great example of this is Mattel’s Barbie doll. The original product was launched in 1959 as a single doll .Then different hair colours were offered.

The range has been dramatically extended over the years by the addition of different Barbie’s, — teacher Barbie, lifeguard Barbie, ballerina, dentist.

Clothes and accessories were added, appropriate for the career portrayed.

There are play accessories such as cars, houses, horses….

Barbie’s boyfriend Ken was added, then her little sister Skipper

They each have ranges of clothes…………and accessories.

Licensed merchandise is now available including books, bikes and scooters, skates, jigsaws, children’s wear, video games, and lunchboxes.

So from the successful launch of a single doll, Mattel have created one of the biggest and most successful brands in the world, with a huge number of ranges.

This a common theme with children’s merchandise where range expansion is very successful. Again, consider Disney’s Frozen with dolls, toys, lunchboxes, books, children’s wear.

In the adult world, designers produce capsule ranges, perfume, handbags, make-up.

Sports brands, which may originally been known for sports footwear, have moved into leisure clothing and accessories.

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Traditional economic theory states that a country ‘inherits’ a comparative advantage over other countries in particular industries because of the natural resources that it enjoys.

Natural resources include not only land and mineral deposits, but also the labour force and size of the population.

Michael Porter challenged the traditional theory of comparative national advantage in his book “The Competitive Advantage of Nations”. He put forward a different theory of national competitive advantage, known as Porter’s Diamond.

Porter argued that the national domestic market plays an important role in creating competitive advantage for companies on a global scale.

In Nigeria for example, there has been a low competition in Nigerian products due to the inferior quality of products produce by Nigerian industries. This has impacted negatively on Nigerian market which foreign products are more patronise than the home made products.

7 Practical Ways To Improve Your Sef-Esteen

Saving is the most important financial decision you will have to take if you really want to succeed as an entrepreneur. Like so many things in life, setting money aside as savings is a habit that needs to be developed. If you want to be financially free, you need to do what you can to encourage a savings habit.

The habit of saving must become a way of life for you, instead of some sort of burden.

Have you ever noticed that no matter how much you earn, you find a way to spend it? We all seem to have a way of living up to our means and some of us also find a way of living beyond our means.

Most of us find ourselves in the rat race no matter how hard we try to escape. Our financial cycle sounds like this: Work, get the money, spend the money, work. You have to move from just for money to a world where money works for you. You cannot achieve without making saving a habit. 

In this article, I am going to share with you practical ways you can develop and build the habit of saving.

Know Your Earnings and Expenses Continue reading 7 Practical Ways To Improve Your Sef-Esteen

Pope Francis Delivers An Historic Address To The US Congress

(Vatican Radio) Pope Francis addressed a meeting of both houses of the US Congress on Thursday morning – another in a string of personal and historical firsts achieved during this visit to the United States – and delivered an address that was historic both for the mere fact of its delivery, and for its content.

Vatican Radio’s Christopher Altieri report:
To say the speech was “hard-hitting” would perhaps be misleading. At least, it would risk suggesting a trenchant tone to the Holy Father’s remarks, when the truth is that the speech neither reads nor was delivered with anything like truculence, or stridence, or even pugnacity. Nevertheless, the speech was most certainly forceful. Indeed, the address was in its essence a powerful word of encouragement – just as Pope Francis himself said it would be.

The Pope’s discourse was encouraging: it was also challenging.

Focused on four iconic figures from US history: the 16th and arguably greatest US President, Abraham Lincoln; the radical social activist and Servant of God, Dorothy Day; the Protestant preacher and civil rights leader, Martin Luther King, Jr.; Thomas Merton, the Trappist monk, author and spiritual adventurer; the speech essentially reminded legislators of their duty to respond to the basic political question, “How ought we order our lives together?” in light of a common commitment to pursue the good. “A good political leader, Pope Francis said, “is one who, with the interests of all in mind, seizes the moment in a spirit of openness and pragmatism.“ Continue reading Pope Francis Delivers An Historic Address To The US Congress

Keep Your Site Online And Up To Date: Monitoring And Ongoing Updates

How to keep track on your site’s availability?

Once you’re done with your site, it’s deployed online and available for the World Wide Web – congrats!

However, that’s not a viable strategy in the long run. Keeping your site online and looking for things to improve is essential, both for availability and security reasons.

According to DevriX, Uptime Robot is my favorite tool for website availability monitoring. You can sign up for free and register up to 50 website instances that could be tracked every 5 minutes. You can just ping them (and see whether the server is up in the first place), or set up an HTTP alert that ensures that even if the computer is online, the web server is also up and running properly (and sending the right response codes).

You can enable reports via email, Twitter direct message or SMS when your website is down and up again. Their premium plan allows you to track the server availability every single minute as well.

Pingdom is the most popular availability monitor that is premium from day one, and the pricing plans start at $10/month for a single site.

Occasionally you may get the so called “false positives” – if there is a glitch in the monitoring service, a slight delay from your server or some network problem, it’s possible that you will receive a downtime warning while your website is up.

In this case you may double check with a site like and verify whether your website is visible from other locations at that moment.

WordPress Updates
WordPress introduced automatic updates for the minor WordPress versions in WordPress 3.7. This means that, by default, your minor versions would be updated shortly after they are released – i.e. versions such as 4.3.1, 4.3.2, 4.3.3 etc.

However, if you run WordPress 4.3 and 4.4 is out, this update will not happen automatically and you are responsible for updating it yourself.

WordPress spends a significant amount of time ensuring that backwards compatibility is in tact, but there are millions of setup variations out there: versions of the web server, PHP, MySQL; operating systems, combinations of themes and plugins, available website languages (and collations for the database), and so on.

Therefore things may go south every now and then, and major versions sometimes alter the database or introduce other major changes.

Regular backups are simply mandatory for you to be safe and avoid losing data. We recommend BackUpWordPress by our friends at Human Made that could be configured for automatic backups and even store them in Dropbox or Amazon.

Advanced Automatic Updates is a free plugin that could update all of your themes, plugins and major Core versions if you want automatically. It is up to you to decide whether it’s a good fit, so we’re just listing the options here.

ManageWP is a popular solution for managing updates and backups. It’s also handy if you manage several (or many) websites since it provides a single dashboard that allows you to manage all of your websites at the same time.

WP Remote provides you with a similar interface for updates and it’s now even free! It’s also run by Human Made which means that it is integrated with BackUpWordPress as well.

Keeping your site online and accessible and making sure that it’s up to date are two important step for taking a regular care of your web business.

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  1. Many teenage girls sleep with guys because they are trying to find love, to find self-worth. But the catch is that the more guys they sleep with, the less self-worth they had.
  2. Many girls think that if they really care about guys, s’εx will bring them closer together. Indeed, sεx creates a bond. However, 80 percent of the time, the physical int!macy of first sεxμal relationship won’t last more than six months.

  3. Couples who want what is best for their relationship or future marriage will have the patience to wait.

  4. Most of the time, when a girl gives away her virg!nity, she assumes the relationship will last forever. But study of more than 10,000 women shows that when a girl loses her virg!nity at that age at 14, she’ll probably have about thirteen more lifetime sεxμal partners.

  5. Teen s’εx frequently causes tension within families because of the dishonesty that usually accompanies the hidden int!macies. Relationships with friends are often strained, and when things turn sour, the gossip and social problems often become unbearable. Continue reading A MUST READ: 16 LESSONS I LEARNT FROM LOSING MY VIRGINITY

How To Lead People Older And Senior To You

Sometimes you find yourself in a rather difficult situation, where you have people older and more experienced than you, reporting to you.

Or perhaps you have been asked to lead a project and there are team members who are senior to you.

Maybe you feel awkward and intimidated.

How can you effectively lead and manage people who know more than you, or are senior to you?

Why should they take direction from you?

How can you tell them what to do?

What is leadership and management?

Well let’s consider what we are doing here. The definition of management is achieving things through other people.

There are many theories and models of leadership, and leadership styles, including John Adair’s Action Centred Leadership, which focuses on Achieving the Task, Developing the Team and Developing Individuals.

So your task here is three fold;-

  1. Achieve the task; -Ensure the team’s task, project or workload is completed on time, within budget. So you are managing the resources at your disposal.
  2. Develop the team-make sure the team work together to achieve the task. Establish performance standards, monitor performance, give feedback, facilitate communications, encourage the team to deliver objectives.

  3. Develop the people -assist and support individual team members, develop their skills, provide training if required, encourage them to reach their potential.

Think about their reasons
In the situation where you have older people as direct reports it is worth considering why that situation has arisen.

Perhaps there is a formal hierarchy, and they are not suitably qualified to move up to the position you hold. For example you are a qualified Solicitor, Accountant, Nurse, or Buyer, and this person is your secretary or assistant.

They will have come to terms with that long before you came on the scene-your job is not open to them.

Maybe they have chosen to stay in their position and not tried for promotion. Or perhaps they have caring responsibilities and value the fact that their job level does not require them to work late, take work home, work weekends, and travel.

Again, they have made a choice and they should have come to terms with that.

Get them on your team

If you can get them on your side, willing to work together with you and give you the benefit of their experience, then this can be a fantastic advantage for you. People will often be pleased to ask to help, and become invaluable if you involve them in plans and decision making.

So make it obvious that you are aware of their valuable skill and experience, you bring other skills and experience, and together you make a great team.

You will have to use your judgement about the line between welcoming their input and stamping your authority on the task and team.

What if they wanted your job?

The problematic situation arises when they have applied for the position that you hold and were unsuccessful. They may not be well disposed to you, and unwilling to cooperate fully with you.

In this case all your interpersonal skills will be called into play. You should behave professionally at all times, treat everyone with respect, and prove your ability to perform better than them.

After all you were selected because the management thought you were better than internal candidates. Now you need to demonstrate that.

The danger here is that a vindictive person may withhold information, or even provide misinformation. Consider carefully the facts they provide, and keep your wits about you!!

In all cases, concentrate on the three elements of your task, and behave in a professional way.

The best way to deflect any potential conflict is to lead the team to a great result!

Managing a project
In the same way, if you are called on to manage an interdepartmental project, all the points mentioned above are valid. There will be a reason why you have put in as team leader – perhaps the management want to test you, see how you perform.

Maybe the senior people are too busy on more critical tasks to oversee this project, and can only spare the time to contribute.

Regarding the principles of Action Centred Leadership – Achieving the Task, Developing the Team and Developing Individuals – you still need to ensure the task is achieved, but probably do not need to focus so much on developing individuals, focusing rather on developing the team to ensure the resources at your ds=disposal are used most effectively.

Management tools
Most companies have formal processes in place that serve to depersonalise matters of authority and discipline.

For example there should be a staff manual in every department that lays down the rules and regulations. You didn’t make them, your job is to implement them. So although you don’t want to be a “jobs worth”, sometimes you can use the manual to deflect and depersonalise difficult situations.

There should also be job specifications that clearly indicate who is responsible for what. These can be referred to if points need to be clarified and reinforced.

There should be a performance management process in place that offers an opportunity to discuss and evaluate performance in a professional, depersonalised manner.

So although these situations are a test of your mettle and interpersonal skills, they do not necessarily have to be difficult or produce conflict.

This is the stuff of management and leadership.
It is about having the vision, communicating it clearly to the team and showing leadership.