Can Neymar Have The Maturity TO Lead Brazil? Find The Answer From Leonardo!!!!!


Neymar may score lots of goals for Brazil, but he doesn’t yet have the stuff to lead the four-time World Cup winner into a new era of football supremacy, former Selecao star Leonardo says.

In an interview with SporTV, Leonardo questioned Neymar’s ability to captain the Brazilian national team, even though he’s just 23 years old.

Neymar is a great player but he doesn’t yet have the maturity to lead Brazil and take charge of a team,” Leonardo said, as translated by ESPNFC . “He was criticised a lot when he played in Brazil. He just wanted to have the ball and dribble so that he could score and make the difference.” Continue reading Can Neymar Have The Maturity TO Lead Brazil? Find The Answer From Leonardo!!!!!

Photo: London Smokers Settle Messi – Ronaldo Debate With Butts


It is perhaps the most heated debate in football: who is the better player, Cristiano Ronaldo or Lionel Messi?

London fans of the beautiful game now have a new way to answer that question, with this ballot cigarette trash can.

Instead of just throwing used cigarette butts away needlessly, those nearby can put them to some good use and cast a ballot for their preferred star player. The poll was installed by environmental charity Hubbub for its ‘Neat Streets’ initiative.

Cigarettes are a key issue in the area and we’ve found that people congregate in specific areas along the street creating cigarette butt litter hot spots,” Heather Poore, founder of the charity, said . Continue reading Photo: London Smokers Settle Messi – Ronaldo Debate With Butts

Sony Is Out Again: Announces Three Xperia Phones, One With a 4K Screen


It’s been a while since Sony announced a new flagship model was coming to Australia, but in the next couple of months, you’ll find three, and one of them manages to outdo every single smartphone screen out there.

If you had asked us which of the many phones we reviewed last year was our favourite, this writer — who just so happens to do most of the reviews — would have told you that it was the Sony Xperia Z3, a 5.2 inch device that packed so much excellence into one body , it was hard to argue with it. There was a lovely screen, elegant design, an excellent camera, and a battery life capable of two days, something few phones have managed in the past year.

But that phone is now a year old, so what does Sony have up its sleeve?

This year, we’re going to see three models, as Sony announces the Xperia Z5, Z5 Compact, and Z5 Premium.


A bit of a precursor, though, you may want to know how we’re jumping from the Z3 to the Z5.

Earlier in the year, Sony did produce a Z4 in Japan which was called the Z3+ everywhere else, and in a surprise move, the company didn’t release it here. That’s unusual because mobile phones have tended to be on six month release cycles, especially from Sony.

We would normally get one in the first half of the year, usually launched at Mobile World Congress in Spain, and then another later in the year, usually launched at IFA in Germany.

This year, however, Sony in Australia skipped the regular cycle and waited until something more substantial arrived, as the Z3+/Z4 was a minor upgrade of sorts.

With the Z5 models, however, that major update is here.


Just like last year, there will be two main models, with the Z3 and Z3 Compact bettered by the Z5 and Z5 Compact. Like those two models, Sony isn’t changing some of the things that worked, keeping the screen sizes and resolutions identical, with the Z5 relying on a 5.2 inch Full HD display, while the Compact variant will be 4.6 inches with 720p HD. Continue reading Sony Is Out Again: Announces Three Xperia Phones, One With a 4K Screen

6 Ways You Can Help Refugees Right Now


Social media and news outlets alike have been overrun with distressing imagery of the refugee crisis.

Most noteably, the world was thrown into despair at the heart-wrenching photograph of a young boy, named Aylan Kurdi, who tragically lost his life after his boat capsized on route to Kos in Greece.

And we all want to know what we can really do, right now, to help.

So we’ve included some of the most practical actions you can take, to help our brothers and sisters during their time of need.

Be an active part of stopping deaths at sea

Families are fleeing war-torn countries in an attempt to find safety. In their travels towards refuge in Europe and Africa, even more dangers are becoming apparent. The Mediterranean has become a breeding ground for criminal gangs, who are piling people into unsafe boats in order to cross the water.

The Mobile Offshore Aid Station is staffed by a team of rescuers and paramedics, and the organisation has three boats and a helicopter to conduct search and rescue operations.

You can support them by heading to there website…..

Use your voice
Continue reading 6 Ways You Can Help Refugees Right Now