Attempt By Piers Morgan To Convince John Terry To Move To Arsenal Fails Miserably

Media personality Piers Morgan tried, rather unsuccessfully, to convince Chelsea defender John Terry to join his beloved Arsenal in a back-and-forth that saw Terry affirm his confidence in club manager Jose Mourinho.

The former CNN and “America’s Got Talent” host is an avid Arsenal supporter, and has been known to use his celebrity to interact (and often cause headaches) with footballers in the Premier League.

This latest interaction with the Chelsea skipper didn’t quite go as planned for Morgan, though, as he attempted to lure him to the Emirates. His case was built around the fact that Mourinho subbed Terry off for the very first time against Manchester City a few weeks prior.

Spent 20 minutes trying to persuade John Terry to join Arsenal last night, using the ‘Jose don’t love you any more’ line. I failed.

— Piers Morgan (@piersmorgan)
August 26, 2015
Now Jose doesn’t love you any more, how about a switch to Arsenal“? Morgan asked Terry.
Nice try …..” Terry replied.

I’m serious“, Morgan continued. “We’ve got your old mate Petr Cech in goal, so you’d be amongst friends“.

I couldn’t do that“, Terry answered. “I could never play for any Premier League club other than Chelsea“,
Never?” Morgan posed.

Not even with your manager chucking you under the bus“? Morgan asked.

Jose’s the best manager I’ve ever had“, Terry said. “I’d chuck myself under a bus for him“.

It’s an interesting statement, as rumors and reports of a falling out between Terry and Mourinho had the two not even on speaking terms any longer. But, at least with Morgan in front of him, Terry seems to be in Mourinho’s corner.

As for Morgan, he has little to show for his efforts and is left only with fond memories of the time he and Terry pelted Arsenal turncoat Ashley Cole with wet sponges.

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