Managing The Business: Project management Part 1, An Introduction

The role of project manager has developed to such an extent that it is now seen as a job in itself, one that is essential and exists in all large industries.

Typically the project manager will plan, initiate, manage and maintain large projects, and usually manage all project resources, establish their own procedures and protocols required to achieve the project goals.

Maybe you would enjoy a career in project management where you would manage a project from the initial planning stages through to delivery. We will take a brief look at project management in this lesson.

Project management is a necessary role now because projects are often international or global, in industries such as IT, construction, and telecommunications. A project manager (PM) might manage a new systems development and rollout, or equipment installations, or development of a new building or complex.

Who needs these skills?
Project management is however a skill that most managers will need to deploy every day – planning, organising and delivering projects is fundamental to most management roles. It calls for skills you probably already have – strong time management skills, organisation, leadership and attention to detail.

So for example a manager tasked with carrying out a feasibility study for a new business would deploy project skills. Also if they were asked to manage the launch of a new department, or product, or open a new retail store, all of these would need project management skills.

So in this context a project is a piece of work with a defined timescale that will produce a particular result – be it a product or a service. It will usually have its own budget, quality standards and goals.

This is in contrast to on – going or repetitive activities that continually produce products or services, such as running a production line or a store.

The management of these two types of activity calls for different skills, controls and management strategies
Project management as a discipline was developed in fields such as civil construction, engineering and defence, around the 1950’s.Before this most managers would rely on simplistic tools such as the Gantt Chart and Critical Path Analysis.

Gantt chart
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Stomach Vacuuming: The No Exercise Way To A Flat Stomach


Forget crunches, the new ab-creating exercise can be done anywhere and will get you a flat tummy fast…..

The stomach vacuum is the fitness buzzword that fitness bloggers, trainers and celebs are going mad for – with videos devoted to the practice all over Instagram. But, what exactly is stomach vacuuming?

It may sound like a cosmetic procedure but actually it’s anything but. It’s the fast-track fitness hack, first derived from Pilates and Yoga breathing principles, that helps tone the inner abs (also known as your body’s natural corset and the thing that gives you an hourglass shape).

We spoke to Claire Finlay, founder and personal trainer at pilates and boxing studio Transition Zone to find out how to master it. Bring on the Michelle Keegan -style tummy…..

What does stomach vacuuming do?

‘The concept of stomach vacuum is to suck in your stomach for a time period,’ explains Claire. However, while it is essentially breathing in and out, it’s vital you’re on form – and you do it properly. ‘If you imagine you’re pulling your stomach in deep to pull on a pair of trousers, it will help get your form right,’ adds Claire.

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Refugee Crisis: Angelina Jolie Speaks Out…..


Angelina Jolie has given her views on how the refugee crisis should be handled.

Angelina Jolie has joined forces with Baroness Arminka Helic in an attempt to make sense of the refugee crisis. The two have written a piece for The Times, outlining the manner in which they believe we should tackle the crisis.

The letter asks for a clear distinction to be made between economic migrants – those fleeing “extreme poverty” – and those “facing an immediate need to be saved from persecution and death.” Meanwhile appealing for us to “live up to our highest ideals” in responding to these circumstances.

“All people on the move in these tragic circumstances must have their human rights and dignity respected and their needs understood and addressed. We should not stigmatise anyone for the aspiration to a better life.”

The piece also goes on to address how donation and acceptance of refugees will, however, not be enough.

“However much we welcome refugees on our shores, the problem will grow so long as the conflict in Syria continues.
We cannot donate our way out of the crisis, we cannot solve it simply by taking in refugees, we have to find a diplomatic route to end the conflict.”

The letter then went on:
“It is staggering that since the beginning of the war in Syria, the United Nations security council has yet to visit the region, which many of us would see as an essential starting point for diplomacy. The peace initiative that started in Geneva four years ago has petered out, and the energy with which the Iranian nuclear negotiations were conducted has failed so far to materialise for Syria.”

“It is time to look for long-term solutions and to recognise that governments, not refugees, have to provide the answer…..The way we respond now will confirm what kind of countries we are, the depth of our humanity and the strength of our democracies.”

Oil Slick Hair Is The Instagram Trend We Can’t Wait To Wear


Forget pastels, THIS is how brunettes can wear multi-coloured hair…..

Brunettes have long got the unfair end of the deal when it comes to rocking rainbow hair trends.

Whether it’s pastel pink locks or an aqua-blue dip dye, it’s tricky to achieve if you have naturally dark hair. Most pastel hair dyes don’t show up quite as well on darker locks as they do on blonde counterparts, and for brunettes like myself, it’s pretty frustrating when you want to get your rainbow hair vibe on.

That’s why the latest trend to takeover instagram, is a major winner. Yep, oil slick hair, is THE look for gals with darker locks.

Think, inky rainbow hues you get when oil meets water and imagine those colours running through the ends of your hair, sounds dreamy right?


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