Oil Slick Hair Is The Instagram Trend We Can’t Wait To Wear


Forget pastels, THIS is how brunettes can wear multi-coloured hair…..

Brunettes have long got the unfair end of the deal when it comes to rocking rainbow hair trends.

Whether it’s pastel pink locks or an aqua-blue dip dye, it’s tricky to achieve if you have naturally dark hair. Most pastel hair dyes don’t show up quite as well on darker locks as they do on blonde counterparts, and for brunettes like myself, it’s pretty frustrating when you want to get your rainbow hair vibe on.

That’s why the latest trend to takeover instagram, is a major winner. Yep, oil slick hair, is THE look for gals with darker locks.

Think, inky rainbow hues you get when oil meets water and imagine those colours running through the ends of your hair, sounds dreamy right?


Photos: Instagram-@Auracolorist
Championed by Hair Stylists like Aura Freidman (Colour Expert at the Sally Hershberger Salon in New York) and Sean Godard (Hairstylist and Redken Artist), the technique has been described as the ‘moodier’ approach to multi-coloured hair. “I find that when you take a dark purple and a dark green and layer them one on top of the other, you end up with this iridescent feeling.” Explained Aura Freidman.

And while it looks uh-mazing, it’s also better for your hair than most other trends because you can ditch the pre-lightening treatments that go hand in hand with hard-to-achieve pastel hues.
So, that’s autumn’s IT hair colour sorted then!


3 thoughts on “Oil Slick Hair Is The Instagram Trend We Can’t Wait To Wear

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