New To Managing People?


A new job is daunting enough, but when you have a couple of direct reports to manage for the first time ever, it is difficult to know where to start.

You don’t want to appear heavy handed, and how do you stamp your authority on people who know what they are doing and you don’t , and you are relying on them to guide you into the new role?

I find the easiest way to manage people is to work with them.

You are expected to ensure they achieve their goals, as well as your own. So you need to know how they are doing with their daily tasks.

So each morning spend a couple of minutes with each of them. Depending on circumstances, this can be fairly informal. Once you have switched your computer on and gone to get a cup of tea, stop at their desk on the way back to yours and ask what they have planned for the day.

Over a couple of days this will develop into a dialogue “Did you get that report you were working on yesterday finished”? “Shall I check it over for you”? “Can you copy me in on that please”? “And you will develop a feel for their role, duties, capabilities, and capacity for more or less work”. Continue reading New To Managing People?