“Quick Fix” or “Efficiency” Which Is The Case?

A post was uploaded sometimes last week titled “ transit or certify to the new ISO 9001:2015 in just 4 months” and reactions and comments like “OMG!”; “All kind of wrong…” & “I am not sure this quick fix approach will work…” from 3 critics got me thinking if the world seem to have lost touch with the true meaning of the word “competence” or “efficiency” within the context of  ISO 9001.

If postulations by the Learning Theory Curve school of thought  “…that a person can indeed develop a better, faster and more effective and efficient approach to carrying out routine  task based on previous experience gained on the job…” then I maintain my earlier stance that ” transition of an existing MS or certification of a new one to the new ISO 9001:2015 standard can be achieved in record time of 4 months if given the right amount of  commitment from management.

Haven helped design, implement and maintain QMS,EMS & OHSAS – MS certified by both National & International CB’s for close to a 100 companies or more in different industries and sectors across Nigeria over the past 10 years with a success rate of 99.9%, is it out of place if I claim to have been able to develop an efficient and effective approach to interpreting and  implementing ISO standards including the new 9001 using ISO FDIS 9001:2015 pending the publication of the actual standard? After all, bsi did recently claimed to be the first CB to be accredited to the new standard by ANAB using ISO FDIS 9001:2015 document pending the publication of the new 9001 standard by ISO. So to my  3 critics, is this move by bsi also a clear case of “quick fix”…”OMG!”…”All kinds of wrong?” or is this simply a case of been Proactive?

I think my critics have simply lost sight of the true meaning of the word “Consultant” which implies ” a Professional”…”an expert”…”a veteran”…”an authority to reckon with on certain matters”…”or even a god” according to some schools of thought. If you can’t develop unique, proactive, effective, optimal & efficient solutions to everyday business needs of Customers then permit me to say that you have no business been in ISO consultancy. 

So taking a queue from bsi’s proactive approach, is my earlier stance still in place or out of place???

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