The Groundbreaking New Campaign Of H&H’s And The Reason Why!!!!!

H&M’s Close The Loop campaign, featuring 69 models of all shapes and sizes, might just be the most diverse we’ve ever seen.

H&M is hailed for its work towards promoting sustainable fashion, and now the Swedish brand has given us yet another reason to love them.

In an attempt to increase diversity in the fashion industry, the brand has released a new campaign dubbed “Close the Loop”, featuring 69 models of all shapes, sizes and backgrounds.

The first Sikh model Pardeep Singh Bahra (menswear blogger of Singh Street Style), Muslim model Maria Hidrissi, plus-size model Tess Holliday, a transgender model and an amputee all act as part of the campaign. If that’s not diversity, we don’t know what is.

Blogger Muslim Girl told Instyle that Maria Hidrissi modelling in her headscarf for such a huge high street brand has “awakened the people” and “made others look at a Muslim woman without fear but with a healthy curiosity”.

In fact, the video sees each model flouting all the fashion rules in favour of their own uniqueness. From “wear a short skirt if you’re a man”, to “show your panty-line” and “wear socks and sandals”, the overall message underlining the campaign is that: “There are no rules in fashion but one: recycle your clothes“.

And you’re probably wondering what the thinking behind the campaign name was. The idea is actually hooked on closing the loop between old and new textiles, whereby the brand encourages customers to bring old fabrics into the store to be recycled as part of their Garment Collecting Initiative.

In exchange, the brand is even offering a £5 voucher to spend in store on whatever tickles your fancy. That’ll be just about everything then..

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