Latest Tecno Phantom 5 Pics And Full Specs


Do you know that there is a reason behind the name for The Next Tecno Phantom that is called Tecno Phantom 5?

And the reason is that the Next Tecno Phantom is the 5th Phantom device that Tecno will be producing ever since the launch of the first Phantom that was called Phantom A.

Taking you a little back to memory lane, the first 4 Tecno Phantoms in the Phantom series as they come are Tecno Phantom A1, Tecno Phantom A2, Tecno Phantom A3, Tecno Phantom Z with the Z mini-series and now we have the flagship Tecno Phantom 5 currently being prepared for the official unveiling event coming up just in few hours from now.

The Tecno Phantom 5 will undoubtedly be the best ever Tecno device since the inception of the company.

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Survey Reveals How Body Image Affects Your Sex Life


According to a new survey, 20% of women feel that a struggle with self image impedes their sex life most. So, let’s talk about sex…..

Women like sex. Who knew?
Oh that’s right, we did. And so does this survey.

Feritility app Kindara have made it their mission to bust all of the myths and stereotypes surrounding women and sex.

According to their website, these cliches include chestnuts such as:

  • Women are not that interested in sex.
  • Sex causes women to form deep emotional connections with their partner.

  • Compared to men, women have few orgasms.


Basically, Kindara is trying to show that men and women are a lot more equal in the bedroom department. And they’ve used a survey to collect data from women to prove it.

They questioned 500 women about a variety of different sex-related topics. And the results really aren’t all that surprising, you know, because we’re women too.

The survey reveals that 53.2% of women want more sex than they’re currently having, and that a whopping three quarters of women would like to be engaging in sex at least three times a week.

But perhaps the most revealing part of the survey touched on what women believe has the biggest impact on their libido.

The results show that women feel that stress is the biggest negative influencer on their sex life, followed by being out of sync with their partner AKA not being in the mood at the same time.

But we were rather upset to learn that 20% of women said they felt that struggling with their own self image was the main factor contributing towards having a low sex drive.

Not too long ago, we told you about a study claiming that over a third of British women suffer with body confidence issues.

It’s time to start loving yourselves, ladies.

Facebook Confirms That A Dislike Button Is Coming


The eagerly anticipated Facebook feature is officially on its way, Facebook confirms…..

It’s the one thing that Facebook users have been talking about ever since the social media revolution hit our screens. And now, it’s finally happening.

Facebook friends, rejoice! Mark Zuckerberg was the one to deliver the news. At a Facebook Q&A, held at the FB headquarters, the company’s famous founder revealed: “I think people have asked about the dislike button for many years. Today is a special day because today is the day I can say we’re working on it and shipping it“.

So why has it taken so long?

Zuckerberg said that, at first, they were hesitant to introduce the feature, as they didn’t want the social media site to turn into a Reddit system of up and down voting content. He said, “That isn’t what we’re here to build in the world“.

We hear you. The last thing the online world needs is to give trolls even more power to shame or bully others.

But Mark says that he has realised that the demand stems from other social activities, and the need to express a reaction that is different from a ‘like’.


He went on: “What they really want is the ability to express empathy. Not every moment is a good moment“.
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WordPress Security Tips: How To Keep Your Website Safe!!!!!

Security is a one of the loneliest words in the world. People don’t care about it until they get hackend. And when their site is down or data is compromised, they hate the concept of security in general.

Back in my middle school according To DevriX; I had a T-shirt that determined my online alias for many years on. The T-shirt look like this:


There are thousands of attack vectors out there and no one is 100% safe. It’s all a matter of time and effort spent by a hacker to get access to your resources.

Mass And Targeted Attacks
It’s important to establish the two main groups of hackers that would potentially attack your website.

The first group is conducting “mass attacks“. Those types of attacks are usually automated and target a large percentage of the Internet.

Mass attacks are normally exploiting a common security problem, recently announced security issue or use statistical patterns in order to exploit a number of random websites. For example – a well-known WordPress plugin issue could lead to an automated script browsing the Internet for WordPress websites running this plugin and trying to exploit the popular vulnerability with a simple command or a set of instructions.

Trying to figure out your password can also work if you’re using a common and practically insecure one.

The second group of hackers target your particular website. They are normally less common than the automated bots, but more dangerous since they don’t try the “one size fits all” approach but try to exploit some vectors that are specific to your website.

The profile of those potential attackers could be:

Someone hired from your competitors

A self-employed hacker looking for a challenge to solve

A random hacker trying to prove a point or test his skills

Different Attack Vectors
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Managing The Business – Corporate Social Responsibility

A Corporate Social Responsibility Policy, or CSR policy, is becoming an important part of any businesses strategy. It is aimed at increasing both business and social value.

The term CSR describes business behaviours that are responsible business practices and have a positive social impact.

They usually include a business participating in initiatives that are intended to benefit society.

Producing a formal written policy helps the management team to focus on what is important to them and how they want the business to be perceived by others. It can help to identify core values, establish respect for a company, enhance its credibility, or establish or confirm its position as an industry leader.

A written CSR policy can be a requirement if a company is tendering for contracts or applying for grants.

In the case of Public companies, shareholders will expect to see evidence of CSR. Clients too will expect to see the company demonstrating a sense of responsibility for its impact on society, and mounting philanthropic initiatives.

Research suggests that CSR has an influence on consumer purchasing behaviour. The level of support will depend on the specific CSR issues the company focuses on, and consumers support for it.

Although the intention is to positively influence consumers, some CSR initiatives can work against the company and reduce the likelihood of consumers purchasing their products.

Employees like to feel their company is playing its part, and employee engagement is always a plus for a company. Many people enjoy fundraising for good causes, and the activity can help bring employees together from different departments and sites.

What is contained in a CSR policy?

There is no defined format, but typically a CSR policy will state the businesses philosophy, aspirations and commitment to its staff, suppliers and customers. It may state the business ethics and standards of conduct, mentioning honesty and integrity.

It may record the management’s operating principles and their intentions to take into account its economic, social and environmental impact in the way the business operates.

It could state that they will uphold the company policies on health and safety, equality and diversity, environmental policies, fair remuneration for employees, as well as their intentions to abide by ethical principles when dealing with clients, and to work with charities and communities.

A typical policy may have the following headings;-
Management commitment and philosophy statement
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