So These Are The Biggest Warning Signs On A First Date


A relationship expert has revealed some of the worst things a man can do on a first date…..

We’ve all experienced a terrible first date, right? In fact, some of us have been unlucky enouch to go through a number of them. Because, first dates can be incredibly fun, but they can also be excruciatingly painful.

Relationship guru and body language expert Tracey Cox has revealed some of the worsr things we can experience on a first date. And many of them are oh-so true.

The author also advises that these traits should act as a warning sign against future dates.

Revealing her top tips to the Daily Mail , Tracey has made a list of some of things to watch out for.

She kicks off by advising that if he turns up “really tired” and “wearing clothes that show he’s made no effort“, this shows that he hasn’t bothered to make the best first impression. It also indicates that being out late the night before hints that the rest of his social life is more important than being with you.

Also, if he turns up drunk, or proceeds to get wasted during your date, you’ve got a problem. Well, nobody would want their date “slurring ‘Hello’”, right?

High up on the list was “talking about himself all night.”

If he can’t even find the time in between his own stories to ask you questions about your life, how are you supposed to find out if you have enough in common to form a relationship?


Not making eye contact is also a really bad sign, according to Tracey. She says: “If he’s always looking over his shoulder while you’re talking, he might as well say, ‘You’re boring. I’m keeping my eye out for someone better.'”

She also lists the ogling of other women as a MAJOR negative. Sure, some men might think the ‘treat ’em mean and keep ’em keen’ approach will get our attention and make us want them even more, but as Tracey right points out: “They’re sadly mistaken“.

We’re sure that women can make a lot of mistakes on a first date too. But everything’s a learning curve, right?

We’re not about to hang up our dating coats just yet.

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