Breaking: Is This The End Of Twitter’s 140 Character Limit?


The social media platform might be making a major change…..

Twitter might be about to make amajor change. We’ve all grown used to that 140 character limit by now. Because a part of being a whizz on Twitter is about condensing those insightful thoughts/hilarious LOLS down into 140 precious characters.

But this might all be about to change. Because according to Re/Code , Twitter is working on a project that means those character constraints may be totally lifted, meaning you can tweet longer chunks of text.


It’s being penned the ‘140 Plus’ project, and apparently, the idea has been kicking around Twitter HQ for years. It’s just that previously, not everyone’s been on board.
‘People have been very precious at Twitter about what Twitter can be and how much it can be evolved,’ a source said, adding that in the past, the idea’s been shot down numerous times.

But with new interim CEO Jack Dorsey now in place, the lift of the 140 character limit looks more possible than ever. ‘Having Jack come in and say it’s okay makes all the difference in the world’, the source added.


Twitter has already lifted the 140 character limit off its direct messages – will our tweets be next?

We can’t even imagine what that Twitterscape would look like if it was full of essays and long rants. And it seems the public agree.


‘Without the 140 character limit, Twitter becomes a 2nd Facebook. And guess what I don’t need?’, one disgruntled user tweeted.

But others took the news more lightly, dropping a few jokes about the new initiative.
‘I hear Twitter is considering increasing the character limit to above 140. This is a terrible idea for many reason! First, and most importa’, one witty lady wrote to highlight the current constraints.


‘Twitter might remove the 140 character limit so i’m putting some 800 word tweets with character development & plot twists in my drafts’, tweeted another guy who is clearly planning on tweeting out his finest work if the limits are lifted.

What do you think of the proposal? Will Twitter ever be the same again? Let us know below…

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