Ten Habits That Will Limit Your Career Progression


Not doing your job properly.

This is the basic minimum required to justify your salary. No excuse for this really. If you need help ask for it, otherwise you might find yourself looking for a new job, never mind hoping for promotion!

Confusing actions with results.

Or not appreciating that staff are employed to achieve targets and goals, not just to turn up.

Refusing to acknowledge mistakes.

We all make them, that’s not a problem. The issue is you need to acknowledge them, correct them and learn from them.

Poor attendance and punctuality

Indicates a lack of reliability, loyalty, responsibility. Shows that you don’t really care, do you?

And someone else probably has to cover for you when you are not there, so you are creating a problem.

Not going the extra mile

Not contributing in any way to the company above and beyond the call of duty. People notice these things.

Using your computer inappropriately

Emailing friends, being on Facebook, shopping. Probably breaks lots of company regulations. Can be detected by the IT department, and may compromise security of company data or enable hacking.

Not fitting in with the culture

Unlikely you will be promoted unless you fit with the people and the company. May be time to move on to somewhere where the culture is a better fit for you

Lack of real thought or insight.

Failing to think things through and understand the implications of what you do, what others do, and what is happening around you, all indicate to management a lack of emotional intelligence and social interaction skills.

Speaking ill of someone important, like the manager or owner.

Word spreads, and people will know what you said. Not a good way to endear yourself to everyone. Management don’t look kindly on gossip mongers and troublemakers.

The world owes me a living.

This is not a good trait either. It will not encourage management to consider you for promotion.

None of these things is asking for much if you want to be considered for promotion. Don’t forget the best way to get a promotion is to act as if you already have it. Conduct yourself like a manager, step up to the plate when you see something you can help with.

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