Facebook Will Be Letting You Doodle On Your Photos


Facebook is introducing some epic updates…..

Facebook has been hitting us with a string of pretty epic updates lately. But the news of their Doodle function is top of our fun list right now.

Thanks to the app’s latest update, we’ll be able to draw on top of our own photos.

As part of Facebook’s built-in photo editor, Doodle will allow you to use your finger to draw, sliding the colour bar up and down for different shades.

It all sounds pretty fun, but what’s the point?

Facebook have claimed that the purpose is to ‘bring attention to a particular object, scribble something funny on a friend’s face, or even paint a picture.’

We’ll totally be taking full advantage of having the power to draw a moustache on our BFF’s face.

Doodle will be available for people that use Facebook on their iPhone or Android.

Facebook also recently announced a move that’s got everyone VERY excited over here at LOOK HQ.

Your profile picture can now be turned into a GIF. Yep.

Facebook is letting users replace their static profile picture with a 7-second video that will play on a loop.

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Just like on Instagram, you can turn the sound on or off. And you can also time a profile picture, so that it only appears for a day, or 3 days.

There are other updates too. You know your tagged photos that appear at the top of your profile? Well, you can now customise them and select 5 ‘featured photos’ to be promoted instead to show the world what you’re all about.

We’re guessing they took inspiration from Tinder with that one…..

As for aesthetics, your profile picture will also move from the left to the centre of your profile.

All of these updates are currently only available on mobile, but hey, we’re still mega excited.

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