Convince Your Boss To Switch To A Six Hour Work Day


Sweden is rolling out a six hour average work day for employees across the country – but could it work here?

Arrive at 9am and be home by 4pm. That’s the reality for several Swedish employees as the government have revealed plans to cut the average working day from eight hours to just six.

The move comes as several businesses who had experimented with shorter working hours declared their staff were happier and less stressed as their work/life balance improved.


We’d be pretty happy with shorter days

But is it realistic? Car manufacturer Toyota certainly think so. The company, who are based in the Swedish city of Gothenburg, have been following the practice for more than a decade and profits have risen by 25%. So why aren’t our bosses clamouring to do the same? Maybe they don’t realise the serious benefits…..

We’ll Be Happier


And you can’t put a price on happiness, right? Finishing earlier means you’ll have time to have a quick drink and head back in time to see the next episode of Made In Chelsea; head to the gym for a class and a swim or even just get a few hours extra sleep. Tick, tick, tick!

Everyone Will Want To Work For You


It’s a fact. New research shows that we’re not just chasing another payrise. We want more time! And therefore companies that have converted to the new style of working day (yes, those Swedish guys again) have attracted top talent and kept it.

We’ll Work Harder


Get ready for everyone to get more done, more quickly. Productivity goes through the roof when hours are cut. And a US study revealed that there’s no productivity increase after working 50 hours. So we really don’t need to be doing any extra. It makes no sense.

Everyone Else Is Already Doing It. Sort Of.


Well, sort of. But we bet you didn’t know that Kellogg’s cereal were one of the first. When they swapped eight hours for six, productivity rose so much that they were able to pay the same wages for six hours as they had for the full eight. It’s really starting to make sense right?

Money! Money! Money!
Erm, did you read what we said about Toyota? Profits increased by 25% and lets face it, it’s all about the money.

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