Join The Look Shopping Revolution: Snap Fashion!!!!!


We’re here to introduce you to a brand new way of shopping. It’s all about Snap Fashion, and let us tell you why…..

If you’ve ever looked at Instagram pictures and thought ‘where is that from, and why can’t I press a button and have it instantly hanging up in my wardrobe?’, we’re about to bring you one step closer to that dream.

Snap Fashion is a unique app that helps you to find the very best alternative to your fantasy shopping lust list. If you see your favourite celebrity rocking the perfect jacket, or a street stylista strutting her stuff in the most enviable pair of shoes, simply take a snap of the desired piece on your phone, and you’ll be presented with the very best high street matches.

You can even take a photo of something that you already own and find the perfect items to match or clash.

From one simple touch of a button? Yes please.
That’s right. Your ideal wardrobe really doesn’t need to be out of reach.


The Snap Fashion app brings you high street matches at the click of a button.

Want to know something even better? We’ll be adding the Snap Fashion function onto some of our most popular shopping galleries, especially to help you get your new-season wardrobe in check.

So whether you’re looking for the perfect party dress to up your wow-factor, or you’d like to put your best foot forward in some comfortable autumnal boots , it will now be easier to browse the perfect colourway to work into your wardrobe’s palette, drawing from all of your favourite high street hotspots.

The Snap Fashion app is available from Apple iTunes as a free download, and there’s also a desktop version at to help you browse and Snap the best of the high-street and online.

Join the revolution.

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2 thoughts on “Join The Look Shopping Revolution: Snap Fashion!!!!!

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