Why Sleeping Naked Could Help Your Relationship


According to a new survey, couples who slumber in the nude are the happiest…..

So apparently the secret to a happy relationship is actually really simple – it’s all about how you act in the bedroom.

And when we say the bedroom, we mean your actual nighttime etiquette. Not your hanky panky times.

According to research by Cotton USA , our sleeping habits can have a major impact on the way our romances develo


Could the way you go to sleep affect your relationship?

If we’re not compatible in the way we doze off, arguments can break out and we avoid staying at their partner’s home overnight. Eek.

So what IS the way to keep things as peaceful as possible when sharing a bed?

Well. After conducting a poll with 1,000 people across Britain, the study found that those who sleep together in the nude are most content in their marriage or relationship.
Less than half of people who wear pyjamas or nighties said they were ‘extremely happy’, compared to 57% of those who went without.


How do Kim Kardashian and Kanye West make it work in their bedroom?

It’s not really ideal advice as we head into winter, but who can argue with the statistics?
Aside from your clothes, your bed linen can also say a lot about you. WARNING: If you’re still using a value duvet from your uni days, it may be time to look away.

The poll suggested that sheets could affect a person’s opinion of a date, with satin giving the impression of wealth (but also sleaze), cotton thought of as being clean and polyester being ‘cheap‘.

As for turn-offs, the biggest were having dirty washing on the floor, clutter and unmade beds.


A messy bedroom could be a major turn-off.

Other annoyances included eating in bed, allowing pets in, hogging the duvet and wearing socks.

Cotton USA ‘s Stephanie Thiers-Ratcliffe says: ‘There are many factors which can affect the success of a relationship, but one factor which is often overlooked is the bedroom environment.’

We think it may be time to do some washing…

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