What Recruiters Are Looking For In Managers


Successful businesses know that their management team is key to their continued prosperity, and they are prepared to invest in them.

They need the best people to manage their employees and ensure they perform at their peak.

The manager needs to achieve the task, develop his staff and develop the team.

What qualities are they looking for?

Strong interpersonal skills
These skills are extremely important .Management is the art of achieving things through other people, so this is a key skill. The job is to get the best performance form each individual and the team as a whole.

So the manager needs to be handle the concerns of each team member, keep them motivated, develop their career and ensure they are productive.

The manager also needs to resolve any conflict that arises in the team or with other departments.

Target setting

The manager must be able to achieve the task by ensuring every individual knows exactly what is expected of them, and that the task comes together when everyone plays their part.

He should also be aware of the personal circumstances and professional goals of each of his team members, and be able to help them shape their careers.

Skills assessment

Managers need to know the key skills and competencies of each of their team members. They need to asses training needs and arrange relevant courses and skills development. This not only enhances the team performance, nut also motivates team members
Role model
Managers should provide a role model for their team and others. They should be an example of the company’s culture and codes.

So if you want to be seen as a manager of the future, these are the skills you should develop. Interpersonal skills, target setting, skills assessment and role model
Observe your manager and others around you, and watch them working at these principles. Consider how you would handle a situation or problem. Perhaps this will give you some ideas and suggestions you can offer to make improvements.

This understanding will also help you to help your manager develop your career, by giving you a realisation of the information you need to make your manager aware of.

And if you writing a CV to apply for management positions, find a way to illustrate these qualities in the CV and covering letter. This is difficult if you are not in a management position so in that case find something in your personal life to illustrate your qualities.

For example demonstrate Interpersonal skills by saying “Successfully led and managed a team in a new venture “or if you have less experience “led a team raising funds for a local charity “
Target setting could be illustrate with “drove a trading strategy that increased profitability 10% year on year “ or “successfully raised 10% more than previous year“
Skills assessment could be illustrated as “managed the development and assessment of all trainees” or “allocated tasks to fund raising team “
Role model could be illustrated as “background of managing successful teams “or “recruited volunteers for fund raising campaign “.

So work on these skills, incorporate them into your CV and demonstrate them at work.

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