7 Simple Ways To Stay Motivated And Focused!!!!!

Are you wondering what to do when your motivation level is down, when you cannot focus on your work? Are you in need of solutions on how to regain the motivation needed to move on with your plans and pursue your goals? With experience over the years with the issues of motivation and staying focused I write you these practical solutions on how to stay motivated and focused.

Start your mornings with exercise or at the gym

Waking up from the night long rest can be so tiring sometimes. When you finally do that, don’t place yourself in front of your computer and jump into your emails or other things on your computer. Make it a habit of exercising or going to the gym every morning. Not only is a workout extremely healthy, but you will notice your energy level rising to a new level, giving you the ability to power-through even the most hectic and stressful days.
Regardless of how much you try to stay motivated, feeling tired and gloomy is a motivation killer. Regular physical exercise is vital to get you into shape every morning.

Prioritize your task and make a list

One of the greatest quality of a successful entrepreneur is understanding the value of time. Prioritize the things you want to do and must do. Make a to-do-list and stick to it. Avoid activities that are urgent but not important. Also, starting out your day early has so many benefits. If possible make your to-do-list the previous night before you retire to bed, get to work on it once you are awake.

Minimize contact with negative people

Negativity has never been a good quality. Although, this is not completely possible, you have to try as much as you can to avoid negative people. They have a way of influencing your thought pattern. If this continue, the influence on your motivation and determination can be disastrous to your goal.

Listen, watch and read positive things

Personally, I avoid listening to the some news in the morning due to the bad reports it always present. If you are feeling down, read a positive book. Listen to an audiobook or podcast with a positive message. Watch something that makes you laugh. Surround yourself with some things you love to be influenced by. Let that in to your life as much as possible. Just as I had advised earlier that you should avoid negative people, avoiding other negative things is also of great importance.

Visualize the success you want to achieve
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Nigerian Sets to Emerge Most Greedy Woman on Earth Nigerian former Minister of Petroleum, Diezani Alison-Madueke is set to break a 107-year record to emerge as the most greedy woman on earth.

The Metropolitan Police in London among other things Monday charged Mrs Madueke for stealing billions of dollars belonging to the government of Nigeria.

If the allegations leveled against the Nigerian woman of Ijaw/Igbo extraction are proven to be true, it would be the end of an era for the current champion.

Empress Dowager Cixi (1835 – 1908), record of this most greedy woman on earth will be broken by the former Minister if the London police prove their case.

The unique thing about Allison’s expected record is that she is an ordinary Nigerian without royal birth, but was only privileged to hold an important office at the centre for six years in a country where poverty of great proportion is almost palpable.

Dowager won her infamous laurel by converting the Chinese treasury to her personal use.

She was a prostitute of the Chinese Emperor, who managed to become the head of this large Asian country for nearly 50 years.