Nigerian Sets to Emerge Most Greedy Woman on Earth Nigerian former Minister of Petroleum, Diezani Alison-Madueke is set to break a 107-year record to emerge as the most greedy woman on earth.

The Metropolitan Police in London among other things Monday charged Mrs Madueke for stealing billions of dollars belonging to the government of Nigeria.

If the allegations leveled against the Nigerian woman of Ijaw/Igbo extraction are proven to be true, it would be the end of an era for the current champion.

Empress Dowager Cixi (1835 – 1908), record of this most greedy woman on earth will be broken by the former Minister if the London police prove their case.

The unique thing about Allison’s expected record is that she is an ordinary Nigerian without royal birth, but was only privileged to hold an important office at the centre for six years in a country where poverty of great proportion is almost palpable.

Dowager won her infamous laurel by converting the Chinese treasury to her personal use.

She was a prostitute of the Chinese Emperor, who managed to become the head of this large Asian country for nearly 50 years.

She became notorious for the 3,000 boxes of jewelry she owned and used the money of the Chinese Navy to build a marble boat where she was dining using 150 golden chop sticks.

If Mrs Alison, 54, is guilty as charged, then she would emerge as the greediest woman on the planet earth.

What Makes Alison a super champion is that it took Dowager half a century to amass her filthy wealth while the Nigerian former Minister of Petroleum spent barely 6 years to allegedly steal over $13b.

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