My father who was in a senior position in a  Power utility  department of  State government had so many assistants and car drivers at hand. He was the rarest of the officers who used to carry his bags and let all junior officers as well as Drivers to sit before him, where as many others would make all others keep standing ! He taught us that all human beings are same. By chance you may be socially  a shade better than them. But, we shall never look down upon someone.

As we grew, we have seen many cases where people  tend to show off their authority!

There are cases where popular actors leave the airport alone and let their secretaries/managers collect the luggage and get it cleared through Customs. What if they were carrying some excess jewelry or some taxable items ? The staff is supposed to get it cleared !!  Last year Customs department asked a reputed actor to return and claim the luggage !

In 1980 and 1990s, it was very prevalent with bureaucrats and owners of companies getting off the car and just walk in. Some one will carry the bag/files  and /or other stuff.  

I have seen a typical mentality of Bosses not carrying bags themselves ..particularly in India. If  you are rich or managed to become a Boss ( even in a department), is it below your prestige to carry your bags? Don’t you carry your bags when you travel abroad?

If it is a lady boss, I can imagine the chivalry of a guard or some one carrying the bags from car to the desk. If the guard is showing some chivalry, how come he is not carrying bags of all other women employees? What about a healthy man? Does it show your authority and that you are no more a ‘common man’ ? 

If you get down the car and some one around offers  to carry the bags, I may understand that because of respect to you, some one is carrying. But, then when you are ready to leave office, how come one person comes  to your desk and picks up the bags and leaves them in the car? 

May be it is their style of working and it is a privilege that some one carries your bags! Anyway, I am glad that I have not reached that level !

Let God give me strength to carry my bags always !

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