Nigeria Gets First Ever Female Governor As Tribunal Declares Aisha Alhassan Victory In Taraba State!!!!!!


NIGERIA has got its first ever elected female governor after the election appeals tribunal declared Senator Aisha Alhassan of the All Progressives Congress (APC) as the duly elected governor of Taraba State this morning.

After the April 11 elections, the Independent National Electoral Commission (Inec) had declared Darius Ishaku of the People’s Democratic Party (PDP) as the winner of the Taraba State governorship contest. However, Senator Alhasan rejected the result and lodged a suit with the election appeals tribunal claiming the polls were marred with irregularities.

In April, Professor Kyari Mohammed, Inec’s returning officer in Taraba State, said Mr Ishaku scored 369,318 votes to emerge victorious. He added that Senator Alhassan came second with 275,984 votes, while Chief David Kente of the Social Democratic Party polled 29,966 votes to come third. Continue reading Nigeria Gets First Ever Female Governor As Tribunal Declares Aisha Alhassan Victory In Taraba State!!!!!!

Business Tips: Managing People, Employee Engagement Part 2

What makes an employee feel engaged?

It is very difficult to generalise, but factors that are likely to make staff feel engaged are a sense of “family”, of belonging to a team or company, of social fulfilment.

This is often strengthened by policies that demonstrate the company takes care of their employees, such as good restaurant or canteen facilities, clean and comfortable physical environment, sick time off, medical costs covered, generous holiday time, concern for family if they suffer ill health.

It isn’t just financial rewards, status or power that makes employees fell engaged, but a sense of motivation through shared Values and Vision, common mission and goals, loyalty and trust.

Salary is an important factor for many people especially in North America and Europe, and there is a correlation between people’s satisfaction with their salary and their engagement.

Companies that have high levels of employee engagement motivate high flyers and offer them early promotion opportunities.
Investing in Professional Development and planned career development has a positive impact on employee engagement, retention and performance.

Engaged employees say they have a sense of pride in the mission and achievements of the company, a commitment to the goals. A feeling that they can contribute, and help to achieve well-articulated goals and targets. They know that their efforts and success will be recognised and acknowledged. The feel trust and loyalty. Continue reading Business Tips: Managing People, Employee Engagement Part 2

The Winnie The Pooh News That Will Blow Your Mind


The one thing Disney forgot to mention when recreating this childhood classic…..

Can you believe Winnie The Pooh has been a childhood classic for almost 90 years? But there’s one massive fact, which we never knew, until now.

If you grew up in Britain the chances are the A.A. Milne’s classics formed part of your bed time reading. Or if you were a Disney kid (and let’s face it, who wasn’t?) you surely would have fallen in love with Walt Disney’s imagining’s, of the little yellow bear with an addiction to honey.

But did you know, Winnie The Pooh, is actually a girl? Mind blown? Yeah, we know!
So you probably already knew Winnie The Pooh began as the humble bedtime stories told by a father to his son. Bedtime stories all about the adventures of that little boy’s favourite teddy bear. But did you know that the favourite bear was named after a real life bear called Winniepeg?
Winniepeg was a female black Canadian bear who was rescued form Winniepeg in Canada (hence her name) and adopted by Lieutenant Harry Colebourn in the 1920s. The Bear was so loved by the Lieutenant’s regiment that she became their unofficial mascot. However Harry and Winnie were destined to be parted as the First World War saw Harry and his regiment shipped away to France to fight on the front line. Continue reading The Winnie The Pooh News That Will Blow Your Mind

Career Key Skills – Business Management And Professional Skills


We might like to draw a distinction between business Management skills and Professional skills.

So if you are an accountant, a solicitor, a hairdresser, or a builder, these titles describe your Professional skills, and these are the skills you will deploy to make your living. The ability to keep books, apply the law, style hair, or create a building are the skills that your clients will pay you to deliver.

But you also need to have Business Management skills that will help you to manage yourself, your business and other people under your supervision.

These skills will enable you to run a business effectively. Nobody will pay for your services if you don’t market your business to clients, deliver on time and to order.

Then you have to collect payment, and will have a responsibility to keep books, account for tax, pay staff.
So if you are a tradesperson, or offer a service, and want to use your skills to develop a business then you also need to develop business skills.

These skills will enable you to run the business effectively.

Quick Facts: Comparison of Business Management and Professional Skills


To manage a business, in addition to your professional skills, you need to have the business management skills to be able to ;- Continue reading Career Key Skills – Business Management And Professional Skills