Business Tips: How do you plan your career? – Career Advice For Graduates

Planning your career is a daunting task. How can you know what you want to do for the next 40 years? Will the world even be the same in 40 years? Unlikely!

In times gone by choices were simpler. If you were destined for a professional career such as teaching, law or medicine, the routes were closely delineated. The path was clearly laid out, you just had to follow it.

Or you would follow your father into a trade such as carpentry or building or plumbing. Again there were apprenticeships, and the path was clear.

Or you were a clerical or manual worker, again not a lot of career planning involved.
In today’s world though life is much more complex. There are literally thousands of jobs, and they evolve and change every year.

Every week! What is a career? So what are we trying to identify, plan and control. And why?

Essentially you are looking for a way to make a living, to provide yourself and your loved ones with an income, place to live, comfort and security, cars and holidays.
But there is something else too. How we earn our living means more than that. It is how we define ourselves. How we spend a large percentage of our lives.

It is part of our sense of self, and also how we are going to spend a huge proportion of our lives.

And after all the work you put into your degree you want to find a great job that allows you to employ your knowledge. And you want to be financially independent.

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Holy Cows…..?????

A wickedly interesting debate has been raging all over India on cows, their holiness, and whether or not they are kosher for certain palates.

Holy cows are all over the place in the corridors of our organizations, as also in peoples’ minds. The organizations’ holy cows come in many forms – outmoded practices, unquestioned beliefs, unverified assumptions, unacceptable policies, inefficient systems, and unexplained strategies. The hallowed cows graze upon all attempts to move aggressively ahead with anything new, and trample on all aggressive/contemporary plans that will propel the organization forward.

In their delightfully titled book “Sacred Cows Make the Best Burgers”, Robert Kriegel and David Brandt list all the Holy Cows that widely and lazily saunter around unchallenged in our companies (descriptions of the “cows”, in Italics, are mine):

The Meeting Cow –

Need everyone to get together in a huddle at the earliest, as frequently as possible, and for the flimsiest of excuses.
The Expert Cow –

In-house experts, outside consultants, industry mentors can overrule even the most popular decisions already made.

The Cash Cow –
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