Every entrepreneur has a unique identity, builds a unique brand, occupies a unique space, takes a unique place, develops a unique enterprise, associates with a unique people and does a unique thing, but remains a unique person, “an entrepreneur.” Hence, a simple predicate for an entrepreneur is “a unique individual with a unique personality.” An entrepreneur is a unique person.

Every person is unique in individuality, but not every unique individual is unique in personality. Entrepreneurs, however, are unique individuals with unique personalities. If you belong to this category of unique persons, you are an entrepreneur.

 I am fortunate to know this is true, and you too are fortunate to know this is true, because I say it is true, but I am not the only one who believes this is true. I will share with you the thoughts of people of like-minds. They will inspire you with their words to begin aspiring to be one of the unique individuals with a unique personality. I am already aspiring to be one of them.

 So, I have to make myself unique. Entrepreneurs build their unique personalities. I know this for certain, you can learn how you can do this when you read “Big Business Great Personality,” but for me, I am not just writing my way to be an entrepreneur, I am showing people like me, aspirants, how I am moving forward and making progress every day, as a business development researcher, by trying to be better, to be more successful and to keep believing in what I can do.

 Interestingly, every entrepreneur believes in self levitation. You have to lift yourself up, rise up from where you are, move yourself forward, independence in cooperation is the spice of this kind of belief. Believe you can do it, first because you are gifted, second because many gifted persons like you could do it, and third because you will succeed, if you keep doing what you believe, and if you cooperate with other gifted people like you.     


I have learnt my lessons about the importance of independence in cooperation, that is why I am speaking to make my voice heard even when others are shouting around me. I believe in making a difference, no matter where I am, I use all I have to prove that I am different.


Difference is the principle of uniqueness. I am blogging my unique ideas, I don’t limit myself. I don’t wait until I have it all, I use the least I have to achieve set goals. I write my goals, and I listen to people. I respect my circus of inspiring people, I post my thoughts on forums, and I write books.

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