Fear of all I wanted to wish everybody good health, happy days and an inspiring year for you and your loved ones.

We can all agree that 2016 will be fearful and uncertain for most people.  Here are some of the challenges we face as leaders of companies:

Continued threats of terrorist and cyber attacks
Political and economic uncertainty in USA and Europe
Further concerns whether China will stay on the growth curve and how Chinese leaders will react to 2016
Impact of real time social media on business
Other worries depending on your business etc etc etc
So what will be the 5 rules for overcoming fear and  leading in the world of 2016?

Face into your fears head on and embrace uncertainty  

Face into reality of the fear and potential consequences of getting it wrong for your company. As Richard Branson said to me last month

“always protect against the downside risk but then push and move for the upside” – Richard Branson

Stay courageous and keep inspiring
In fearful times people look for comfort and community. So when those around are losing their heads stay courageous and keep inspiring and you will be magnet that draws talent and opportunities when others panic.

Be a trust giver and empower your people

Most leaders will seek to control when they are fearful or under pressure but the best CEOs are trust givers and empower even more when the going gets tough. This creates even stronger ownership to the cause.

Stay connected

Don’t try just digging in and solving everything yourself for the company as all this does is create over reliance and disempowerment for your people. Keep making time for meaningful connections with people and also build systems that keep everyone connected.

Laugh and put happiness first 

Life is too short and we spend way too much at work so in 2016 make sure you enjoy work, have fun but also protect time for a full and happy life outside work.

2016 Leadership Equation:

(Protection + Courage + Connection + Trust + Laughter) – Fear = Inspiration

In 2016 – the year of inspiration, may the force be with you and Good luck!

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