We have seen this at all our homes. Kids, about 5-6 years old, get their toys together and play ‘House, House’. The kids’ play is loosely based on what they have seen adults do at their respective homes. It is always a pleasure to watch them play. Elders at home will do well not to intrude unless necessary because when left alone, kids are at their real best. They quickly learn to ignore the presence of others around them, and slip easily into self-declared roles in the ‘game’ they have chosen to play.

Let’s say you are an elder, sitting and carefully appearing disinterested, but keenly watching the kids play. They cook a ‘dish’ and bring it over to you, served on a toy plate. You play along, and go about ‘tasting’ the ‘food’ and making the right comments/noises as if you are enjoying something exquisite.

You owe it to the kids to join in in their ‘game’, indulge the kids, and play our assigned ‘role’. Parents and other elders feel privileged to be included as part of their ‘game’. They instinctively know what Plato the Greek philosopher (427 BC – 347 BC) meant when he said, “You can discover more about a person in an hour of play than in a year of conversation.”

In the larger picture of global business, we today have the ‘game’ called start-ups. All companies, big and small, are fascinated by happenings in the world of apps, ecommerce, digital marketing and entrepreneurship. They join in. The start-up ecosystem throws up a lot of toys. Established funds, businessmen and global corporates are willing to play parents, mentors and elders. Parents and elders in a society have to take responsibility for most of our kids failing at becoming what they set out to become.

Parents and elders will list their responsibilities towards kids and their ‘play’: Continue reading KIDS PLY START-UP!!!!!