Doing Speak Than Saying!!!!!

The boss gave an impressive speech on quality at the All Hands’ Meet. The hall was filled with 1700 software engineers, developers and project managers. The leader espoused the cause of quality by positioning it as the way to get joy, leave a legacy, a tool for achieving work-life balance, and everything short of nirvana. The speech was passionate, the tone was intense and the contents were full of data and anecdotal evidence on how quality, single-handedly, has changed lives of people and organizations.

When I applauded along with the throng in the hall, the implied appreciation was sincere. Later that day, while speaking to one of the Senior Managers, I enquired how the leader implements quality movements in everyday work, and the metrics that the team uses. He gave a sarcastic smile, and dismissed his speech as a “usual ra-ra session”. The contrast between his reaction, and the strong speech I heard earlier was so strong that I decided to inquire around further.
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