Career Key Skills, Speaking Clearly And Well


It is extremely important to speak with clarity, especially in business. People are busy and do not have the time or the inclination to work out what you might be trying to say. You need to say it yourself, and say it clearly.

A common habit, especially in young people, is to pepper their speech with “um” and “erm “, “you know” and” like”, or the equivalent, in their language.

This conveys an impression to the listener that you are nervous, unsure, or even hesitant, when in fact it is more likely a habit, or laziness or both!

Maybe you need a couple of seconds to collect your thoughts? In that case a silence is much more powerful than any of the above “fillers”
It is far better to pause for a moment. Consider this;-
“I think we need to erm , you know, um, test and measure the results “

You appear hesitant.
“I think we need to ……………………..test and measure the results “
A pause is fine, it is powerful, attracts the audience’s attention, keeps them on their toes, makes them listen to what you are about to say. You appear thoughtful.

Another tip is to speak a little more slowly than normal, which gives your brain a chance to catch up, or get ahead of your mouth.

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Project Management – A New Perspective From Raconteur


Our recent look at project management as part of the management skills course -managing the business – was very well received. So when I saw that Raconteur had published a special report on the topic in The Sunday Times, I was interested to see what information they had that would be of value to our website visitors.

Much of what is said in this series will reflect the information in the pull-out.
Of course anyone who wants to make a career out of Project Management will need to become accredited with the relevant certifying professionals. This series of articles will further inform visitors about project management as a career and give an appreciation of the work of the project management profession.

Comments from practitioners will give an up to date perspective on the topic.

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