While Many People Dream of Becoming a Better Person Than the Previous Year, Only a Few actually Do it.


While Many People Dream of Quitting their Job and Starting their Own Business, Only a Few actually did  it.


WHY Is It That Some People Are More Successful Than Others?

BECAUSE the Power of their Excuse is More Powerful than their DREAMS.

  1. FEAR.
  2. I don’t have the Money (who has?).

  3. I don’t have any contacts to start with (Really?).

  4. I’m not smart enough (You have crowned yourself as a mumu)

  5. I can’t talk (Are you dumb?)

  6. I don’t have the time (Yet you have the time to wake up at 5am and get dressed in the traffic)

  7. I’m too busy (Doing what exactly?).

  8. It takes too long to build a business (But you envy Dangote)

  9. I’m afraid. Building a business is too risky for me (Is eating not risky? Is sleeping not risky, people hv died in their sleep).

  10. I don’t like dealing with people ( Mr Island… I greet You your Excellency)

  11. I’m too old ( Colonel Sanders started @ 65yrs)

  12. Waiting for all the lights to be GREEN (lights turn green when you press the button)

  13. MY husband, my wife, my parents didn’t support it (They don’t support You to be broke either but You are).

  14. My job is too demanding and I travel a lot (Arik Wings of Africa)

  15. I’m not good at Marketing (Yet you are king of forwarding religious chains)

  16. No, it’s Network. I can’t do it. (But you spread gossip but can’t spread a business that will better your life?) Continue reading * THE POWER OF EXCUSES*