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Venue:        Benue Hotels and Resort,

5/7 Ahmedu Bello Way, Old GRA, Makurdi, Benue State, Nigeria

Date:          20-22 November, 2019


Digital Currency – Unlocking Opportunities of Financial Technologies and Cryptocurrency


  • Traditional financial methods and the disrupts,
  • Technological innovation in financial services,
  • Organizations (Government, Business Entities and NGOs) and services,
  • Digital Employment of citizens,
  • e-Commerce,
  • Literacy drive,
  • FinTech (Financial Technology) intervention in Africa,
  • Cybercrime/cyber security,
  • Benefits of financial technologies and doing business, and
  • Sustainable Economic Growth and Development.


About the Summit

Financial Technologies (FinTech) has been around virtually as long as the financial services industry itself. But since the economic meltdown of 2008, a new breed of disruptors has displaced traditional economic providers with more efficient services.

Digital Currency emerge from FinTech and is a money balance recorded electronically on a store value card or other devices. The innovative technology is inclusive of software, platform, mobile technology, internet, etc. and is design to deliver financial services and products to customers. The application of FinTech cut across multiple business segments, including lending, advisory, investment management and payment etc.

FinTech holds boundless potentials. As new tools and technologies are challenged, financial services can be provided with greater speed, accountability, and efficiency. The benefits of FinTech to doing of business in Africa considering the digital information edge cannot be overemphasized as both startups and traditional finance companies are active for the innovative technology.

Summit Objectives

To converge or gather researchers, practitioners, professionals, financial and economic experts to a round table for a design thinking and discussion toward improving and developing a more resilient, competitive and dynamic financial system with best practices, that supports and contributes positively to the growth and development of African economy through the economic cycle, and has a core or strong and forward looking domestic financial institution that is more technology driven and ready to face the challenges of liberalization and globalization.

Why the Summit

  • To review and analyze how tailored financial technologies (FinTech) could be design for the African business environment as most of the digital tools are adopted from develop economies and there features are not fully utilized with heavy cost implication,



  • To analyze the Dynamics of Innovation in the field of Accounting, Finance and Technology,
  • Deliberations from Eminent World Class Researchers,
  • Identify and analyze real time risk decision making,
  • Avenue for design thinking by experts, practitioners and professionals to improve Financial Technologies,
  • To analyze responses on Regulatory Technology (RegTech), one of the area in FinTech that has gain more debts ever in the history of the new innovation,
  • To understand the Role of Innovation in Skill Development in relation to Sustainable Development,
  • Opportunity to Establish International Collaborations.

Highlights of the Summit

  • Penal Discussion Section on Topic:

Development and Advancement of FinTech Ecosystem in Africa,

  • Technical Discussion Section on Topic:

Emerging Technologies and Future of Agricultural Practice: Case of Benue Valley,

  • B2B Networking,
  • High End Networking, and
  • Award Night (3 best paper presenters) and Gala Dinner (Live Performance).

Special Attraction

Business Exhibition: Organizations willing to exhibit their products/services should contact us through e-mail agfasummit@gmail.com (copy: orshite@gmail.com) as limited spaces are available.

In addition to its well-packaged, knowledge-driven technical sessions to be facilitated by seasoned experts, the 3 day summit will enable participants to network and exchange ideas with foreign delegates, professional colleagues and other participants from different countries as well as leverage the opportunity to hone their skills for excellent performance.

It will also afford participants the opportunity to visit Nigeria and Benue State in particular, the Food Basket of the Nation, with its exotic agricultural endowment, rich cultural heritage and beautiful sites like River Benue.

The summit will end with Award Night and Gala Dinner inclusive of award presentation and live performance.

Target Participants

Participation and contributions are sought from researchers globally to ensure the scope of the summit. Target communities include, Professional Accountants, Auditors, Regulators, Chief Executives, Industrialists, Entrepreneurs, Business Leaders, Government Officials, Leaders and Members of various Chambers of Commerce, Consultants, Accounts and Financial Directors, Economic and Financial analysts, Investment Managers, Policy and Decision Makers, Researchers, Developmental Organizations, Members of the Academia and other professionals.

Call for Papers

We invite researchers, academicians and practitioners to submit research papers linked to the theme of the summit on “Digital Currency – Unlocking Opportunities of Financial Technologies and Cryptocurrency”.


  • Traditional financial methods and the disrupts,
  • Technological innovation in financial services,
  • Organizations (Government, Business Entities and NGOs) and services,
  • Digital Employment of citizens,
  • e-Commerce,
  • Literacy drive,
  • FinTech (Financial Technology) intervention in Africa,
  • Cybercrime/cyber security,
  • Benefits of financial technologies and doing business, and
  • Sustainable Economic Growth and Development.

Deadline for submission of papers for review is 22nd September, 2019.

Guidelines for papers:

  • Abstract should be limited to a maximum of 300 words with not more than 6 key words;
  • Full paper should not be more than 7,000 words (Microsoft word);
  • The paper should be written in English, using MS Word, Times New Roman 12 Point font, should be double-spaced, with “1” margin on all four sides.
  • Submission of full paper should include; paper title, abstract, keywords and references in APA reference style (Version 6).
  • Authors should clearly state their mailing address, telephone numbers and e-mail address (Corresponding author should be stated, in case of multiple authorship)
  • The paper will be blind reviewed and will be evaluated on different parameters such as originality, relevance, applicability and Contribution. Only those approved by the reviewers will be selected for conference presentation and publication.
  • Author would have to certify that the material is unpublished, as well as original.

Submission of papers and registration form should be through e-mail only agfasummit@gmail.com (copy: orshite@gmail.com)


All Papers with research focus will be selected for publication. Outstanding papers will be published in the following prestigious Journal and Magazine with additional publication cost:

  1. Endeavor Magazine –  INDIA (International Magazine of Business and Finance),
  2. International Journal of Enterprise and Innovative Sciences – NIGERIA (Academic Journal of Education, Management, Business, Finance, Technology & Innovative Sciences).

An Assessment fee of N4,000 and Publication fee of N13,000 (Total N17,000 for Nigeria and $60 for Foreigners) will be paid by authors at the acceptance of their papers. Notification will be given for the payment. The Summit strives to ensure that quality research related to all fields of business, finance and FinTech are published and shared globally.

Summit Participation Fee

Nigeria Delegate   –        N37,000

Foreign Delegate  –        $100

Payment and Registration

All payment (Summit Participation and Papers Publication) should be made in the name of:

Godphraim Integrated Services

Account Number:           1016356752

Bank:                                       Zenith Bank

Branch:                           Wurukum, Makurdi, Benue State, Nigeria

Important Dates:

  1. Deadline for submission of papers for review 22/09/2019
  2. Notification of acceptance/rejection 20/10/2019
  3. Deadline for submission of reverse/corrected papers 3/11/2019
  4. Arrival and registration 19/11/2019
  5. Conference activities 20-22/11/2019


Accommodation is available at the Benue Hotels and Resort (address below), venue of the summit. Participants are free to arrange their accommodation or liaise with our contacts for arrangement of their accommodation.

Benue Hotels and Resort

Address:     5/7 Ahmedu Bello Way, Old GRA, Makurdi, Benue State, Nigeria

Email:         benuehotelsmkd@gmail.com

Web:           http://www.benuehotelsandresort.com

Sponsorship and Partnership Opportunities

Africa Global Finance and Account Summit (AGFAS) will bring together business leaders, decision makers and influencers from across the globe. A range of opportunities is available for organizations, companies, and interested individuals to be part of the events.

We are always happy to hear from corporate entities and individuals who would benefits meeting and building relationships with our guests to grow their businesses.

We can offer:

  • Partnership production of bespoke events,
  • Speaking opportunities in plenary sessions and workshops
  • Exhibition space to increase awareness and/or demonstrate work and products,
  • Ample contact time during the refreshment break and lunch for relationship building,
  • Pre or post event mail outs
  • Co-branding across all events materials,
  • Insert of organizational materials in the summit folders etc.

Connect your business with our Community, as our events are topic driven and have a specific target audience. The summit offers a unique opportunity to introduce the right people to your organization.

We are also happy to build bespoke packages to ensure your participation is tailored to you. Contact us for details regarding our sponsorship options and partnership opportunities. Also, ask us about the exceptional value we can deliver to your company or organization.

Contact us on the following email agfasummit@gmail.com (copy: orshite@gmail.com)

Advertisement Opportunity

Africa Global Finance and Account Summit (AGFAS) offer your organization opportunity to connect with target audience anywhere at any time via unrivalled, worldwide audience and readers of the “International Magazine of Business and Finance (The Endeavor Magazine) and The Africa Global Journal of Enterprise and Innovative Sciences.

There is also opportunity for advert placement in our summit brochure. All designs and layouts have to be given by advertisers. Advert artwork should be prepared in pdf or jpg format ONLY.

For more information on advertising opportunities or to receive a media kit or a quote, please contact on email agfasummit@gmail.com (copy: orshite@gmail.com) as limited spaces are available.

Address for Communication

Orshi Terhemba Ephraim AAT, ACILRM, ACA

Godphraim Integrated Services (GIS)

Computer Village, Behind Pleasure Travels Park, Wurukum, Makurdi, Benue State, Nigeria

Phone:        +2348063569341


Email:         godphraim12@yahoo.com


Website:      http://www.godphraim.com



For enquiries or any communication, please contact any of the following:

Orshi Terhemba Ephraim                 +2348063569341, godphraim12@yahoo.com

Tyohee Doosuur Felicity                   +2348172363336, tyoheefeli@gmail.com

Prof (Dr) Ripu Ranjan Sinha   +919602570498,   drsinhacs@gmail.com

All intending participants are encouraged to always log-on to the AGFAS 2019 website (www.godphraim.com) for up to date information on the summit.


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