Call for Participation – AGFA Summit 2019


The Africa Global Finance and Account Summit (AGFAS) 2019 intend to publish for the summit, three (3) documentaries as follows:

  1. Summit Book of Abstract,
  2. Summit Book of Proceedings,
  3. Summit Journals – International Journal of Enterprise and Innovative Sciences (IJEIS) and The Endeavor Magazine (International Magazine of Business and Finance).

The multicolor glossy souvenir will contain event profiles, speaker profiles, a synopsis of all talks, and articles accepted for the summit on relevant topics of interest by authors. You can advertise in these souvenirs to enhance your brand visibility which will be widely distributed globally (online and printed).

All designs and layouts have to be given by advertisers (please contact on email and copy: as limited spaces are available). Rate of advertisement below:

Nigeria Rate:

Back page advertisement                            N90,000

Front full page inside advertisement           N63,000

Back page inside advertisement                           N48,600

Full page advertisement                              N41,400

Half page advertisement                                       N25,200

Quarter page advertisement                        N18,000


Back page advertisement                            250 USD

Front full page inside advertisement           175 USD

Back page inside advertisement                           135 USD

Full page advertisement                              115 USD

Half page advertisement                                       70 USD

Quarter page advertisement                        50 USD



For (Foreigners):

  1. PLATINUM –        US$ 30,000
  2. GOLD –        US$ 20,000
  3. SILVER –        US$ 15,000
  4. BRONZE –        US$ 10,000

For (Nigerians):

  1. PLATINUM –        N10,800,000
  2. GOLD –        N7,200,000
  3. SILVER –        N5,400,000
  4. BRONZE –        N3,600,000

Benefit of Sponsorship or Partnership Opportunity:

  1. Media Coverage
  2. Wide Publicity
  3. Corporate Membership

Address for Communication

Orshi Terhemba Ephraim AAT, ACILRM, ACA

Godphraim Integrated Services (GIS)

Computer Village, Behind Pleasure Travels Park, Wurukum, Makurdi, Benue State, Nigeria

Phone:        +2348063569341




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